Link: The 10 types of guy you’ve ghosted on

and I’ll add why.

The girl who wrote this is somewhat self-aware but there are good reasons for every red flag. Nobody should get invested in a first date anyway.

1. What does Tweety say? cheap! cheap! cheap!
2. ugly/desperate, which is ugly
3. STDs and mommy issues
4. not an adult
5. too in touch with his feminine side
6. addict, need I expound?
7. trying to make a bad decision better, for both parties
8. probable sociopath
9. dumb
10. won’t like you either in 6 months

3 is only attractive to other promiscuous people.

1 is often a strange creature who bemoans the lack of traditional women (by denigrating all women, which is frankly offensive to all of us) despite an ignorance of his part to play in that equation. Namely, that a man who believes in gender roles has literally one job, and that’s to foot the bill. It isn’t hard. Odds are, he asked her on the date, and he chose the location and hence, cost. The girl’s duty in that equation is to be charming company, whether it works out or not, she is giving him a chance, eggs are expensive, and for that the least he can do is pay for one reasonably priced meal. That’s the way the world works and yes it may be unfair but whining along those lines will leave you Forever Alone. Traditional women imagine down the line like future flashbacks how impossible it would be to extract money for your children’s new shoes out of his vise of a wallet.

Nothing puts off a traditional woman faster than being not only a bad provider, but a grump about money too.

You know who that does attract, though? Feminists, who love footing their own bill. And then he wonders why he has a string of bad dates… and blames all women instead of his terrible decision-making. And the cycle continues.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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