Tweet of the Year: r-types gonna r

r-typesgonnar crying laughter lmao

I could leave it there but for the slow people: they’re the same thing. Ask yourself: How many white women has he targeted, and on the basis of their race? Been through, thus far? Ruined for motherhood?

[h/t CH, read the poll on mudsharking with brown dick and weep]

Rs cannot perceive this deeper meaning. They think you’re just killing their buzz and making it personal. Nope, the rules exist for everyone or they don’t exist.

He’s literally trying to pull a No True Scotsman on traditional people, for being traditional. Practicing what they preach.

Say, how’s that traditional cult he wants to start going? The modern herbs aren’t going for it much, huh? It involves a lot of effort, and less blaming your problems on other people? Hmm. What a mystery, that one. Inferior men don’t want to step up, they want to complain about how someone is holding them down as an excuse to be lazy. Enabling them in this isn’t helping. Telling them to pull their socks up won’t make them real men, as he’ll discover by retention rates.

In case you think he’s being self-aware and ironic, he tweeted this immediately after about SJWs;

The dissociation game is a common subversion tactic used by the opposition to fracture movements, promote infighting.

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

We’re winning. We’re totes winning. Cultural war. Moral war. Battle for a European future. He’s just pissed off Eastern Europe is growing a pair and protecting its women from being used like sex toys.

Since Roosh is now clearly dead-set against white nationalists, will the SJWs become nipsters ironically? Will they follow the path of the genius Hipster Racist? [check him out, the man is a God]

The problems facing the world have made themselves apparent.

All those ‘refugees’ aren’t going to Europe for the cash. There’s cash on every continent. They’re going for the white unchaperoned pussy. Roosh doesn’t like competition, despite writing books to make the cash to do it, encouraging others to imitate him. The dirty little secret of PUA? It’s mostly brown men who refuse to ‘settle’ for their own, ugly women. It’s brown men who feel entitled, racially obsessed with defiling white ‘whores’. Ruining us for the white men, subconsciously. It’s a rather racist practice, in many respects. That’s why I’m against it. r-types love to cause chaos in a gene pool and get a shot of dopamine at the same time. Theirs is the psychological damage of the male race mixer, forever feeling inferior and vengeful about it, as fat white women who mudshark, they are the flipside of the coin.

They like the idea of being followed but not the hard work of actually leading. r-types want to be first in line for everything, without strings, except a beatdown.

evil grin lol smile happy

Like fathers, brothers and uncles running him out of town, at best.

Welcome to Patriarchy, boys. We have men.

The Europe he returns to once this immigrant problem has resolved will be a Europe rediscovering its roots. I don’t think he’ll like what he finds. The question will be, who to target next: South America, or Asia? I think he’ll go America for the poverty angle, unless he believes the tighter pussy myth.

I’m surprised the SJWs haven’t doxxed his sister with the intention of sending a man to seduce her on hidden camera or something. Maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas. Shame seems to work on him very effectively, for someone so secure in their actions and moral righteousness (bravado, all puff). He bathes in attention, he chose to become a public figure. Why should merely pointing out his efforts to dilute a white woman’s legacy, that he targets us repeatedly, as a brown man, provoke a negative response? Isn’t he proud of himself?

10 responses to “Tweet of the Year: r-types gonna r

  1. I think it’d be divine justice if his sister were to be humiliated. For all the claims that Roosh isn’t affected at all by mounting criticism, he’s slowly becoming more and more of the personality type of a sexual sadist. Think about it: he doesn’t like white women, uses them for ‘hate fucks’ and generally sees women as pieces of shit while demanding that they be good wife material.

    Like that vid that came out of Ukraine, he probably had sex with zero women, in Ukraine or Romania, and used their pictures as bartering tools. The brothels of the Netherlands wouldn’t let him in their doors, that’s how much of a degenerate he is.

    • Yes it’s like a racially aggravated sex attack, according to my lawyer friends. It’s only a matter of time before someone catches up to him. Wow, I did not know about the brothel. Netherlands doesn’t like Muslims, or anyone of that caste. Using other women’s pictures and the stories he comes out with, I mean, I read it and if 1% is true he should probably be locked up for some of it. It’s a matter of time until K Shift brings back the seduction laws. I’ve written about PUAs flouting local law in London and filming women, for example. Such unknown factors, fraudulent presentation and duress of domineering body language could make it rape:

    • I double-checked on a hunch and our lawyers would have a field day with him, say nothing of the EU human rights ones. Duress includes “other pressure against the person”, any form of persuasion (he writes entire books about it) and he actively endorses duress (also incitement), calling it Last-Minute Resistance or LMR. Duress obviates consent. Any consent. It becomes impossible. So really it’s only a matter of time until he is brought up on rape charges, no wonder he’s considering packing it in and trying to suck up to NRx. We aren’t falling for it, I’m the most tepid on the clown. The fraud angle only sweetens matters, because he has a history of giving false names, and judges don’t like that because it is a common form of evading the law. Lying about one’s age, which he admits to (saying he’s younger) also obviates consent, but very few people know that. It’s basic self-presentation, like race.

      • The Ukrainian girls were going to sue him. I suspect that if they knew more about him he’d be extradited back to Ukraine to stand trial. Knowing him, he probably got out of Dodge before they could do a background check, and flew right back to US of A on his deluded backer’s dimes.

        He gave talks in my country – Toronto and Montreal – and the mayor of the former wanted to ban him. He made the local news for his ‘make rape legal on private property’ comments. He still made his speeches, but it angers me when he says he does it for free speech. He doesn’t.

        He’s like an Indian Charles Manson – without the charm, but with all the cult.

      • I think the women of many especially European countries are going to band together to take collective legal action. He won’t stop so it’s gonna build and I can’t say he won’t deserve it. I’ve spoken to these people and that’s how their minds work. Polish for example are a proud collectivist society, they aren’t a flesh trough for some arab’s sexual leavings. Notice how their plans flop? I find their repeated incompetence rather charming, like a child’s. Beating their chests demanding respect, never occurs they must earn it. They planned to go to Russia as a group and it never happened obviously. I get confused for a Russian woman for certain reasons and I think that was for the best. They might’ve got hurt.
        Free speech? Is that why he tries to shut down dissent? He still keeps banhammering actual right-wingers and the occasional Jewish conspiracy troll. People get banned on his stuff for no reason, it’s blatant.
        Everyone can tell he meant the ‘rape is OK’ article. Even just a little bit is meaning it. That he has a sister just makes it worse. He hides behind this hypothetical BS as if that’s a shield from criticism, he’s become no better than the SJWs. He wanted attention, he got it. Man up.
        Thing is, they aren’t even loyal to him. He has a tendency to attract the broken and damaged and they can’t even maintain group memberships that exclude women. I’ve seen the hostility in the way they outgroup literally the rest of the world and pine for this narcissistic orgy utopia like a 13 year old who watched too much Trek. NRx is ignoring Neomasculinity knowing it will go away because I wouldn’t trust those guys to build Ikea furniture without bickering it to shit. I said to a friend with almost as much SJW experience, I’ve never met a group of women bitchier than the new manosphere, it’s ridiculous. They’ve become a laughing stock of clickbait and ‘musterbation’ re women who want to ignore them.

  2. “Everyone can tell he meant the ‘rape is OK’ article.” Yes, he did. Valerie Solanas tried the same weaselly excuses and dissembling when she was met anger for calling for the death of all men. It was all a joke, lighten up guys, she said. Get a sense of humour. But other than Solanas’ rancid followers, I don’t recall anyone laughing. Other than Rooshie Poo and his mindless followers, I don’t recall anyone laughing either. The hypocrisy is breathtaking, and that is the real joke.

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