Link: 12 ways to spot a misogynist

I find the objections to this quite funny since it’s actually a tame article. The message is treat people like human beings. If it covered misandry (feel free to write your own, both exist) then they’d hail it as brilliant, which is, as you can guess, sexist.

How is this empirically measured?

There are plenty of reliable psychiatric markers of hostility and they can apply to any demographic. They either apply to all demos or none of them. So yes, misogyny exists, as much as does misandry.

Note: gentlemen are not misogynists. Quite the opposite as this points out, in fact, they love women and being the alpha male, gently leading. A misogynist cannot treat a woman well or kindly without getting angry at himself (insecure-avoidant attachment style) and then her (projection).

TLDR: They make the lives of women harder, the lives of men easier and always have an excuse for why they treat only women worse.

Conscious denial is prevalent but a quick n’ dirty way to check is to ask their opinion of womb replacement technology. It will never happen, it’s a scifi myth, because the uterus is the most sophisticated system on the planet, developing the brain, the second most sophisticated. But they want to replace women at our primary function, and they haven’t thought it through enough (denial) to realize the logical issues with it, e.g. all men would be single fathers and hence evil for bringing a child into the world alone, none of them could breastfeed, and none of them would want to become full-time parents.

It’s an innate supremacy belief system, but that’s a confidence trick, they deeply fear inferiority and impotence. That’s why people laugh at them, they haven’t matured beyond the ‘girls are icky’ phase. Darwin doesn’t care, they deserve to die alone, alongside the misandrists.

Note 2: Narcissists are typified by idealization (you’re amazing) and swiftly follow it with devaluation (you’re evil). There is no Madonna/Whore in real life, but that is literally how they see women (but not men), trapped in their own head. That is the mark of a narcissist. “You’re not like the others”? RUN. “Other women are <insults>”? RUN. No woman stays on their pedestal. They think this is normal and that’s why they never find the Right Woman. Naturally, they assume the fault for this lies with women.

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