Ask me anything (non-personal). Any topic, but female logic is rather popular.


Question: Why does it bother women when you tell them to smile?
Answer: You care more about how we look than how we feel.

I’ll leave this post up for future reference.


Question: What’s up with rape fantasies? – from a man.

Proper Answer: When a man has a dom fantasy, it’s normal.
when a man has a sub fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a dom fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a sub fantasy, men call it a rape fantasy. Something is presumed wrong with that woman.
You cannot fantasize about a crime being committed against your person, it’s impossible.
Take murder for example. You’ve never been murdered, you have no conception of what it’s like to die. You can envisage being in danger, but the details simply serve to make it more real. Do you want to be murdered, or is that a triviality of the plot that can be changed without a difference in arousal response?
You know who does have rape fantasies? Men. A lot of them. Both as rapist and rapee (coining it), with an attractive other. Fantasies are generally fine as long as you never act on them, the human brain is very creative and part of conditions like OCD is that the brain imagines things that horrify itself. Most men with those fantasies don’t ‘mean’ it in that sense, like people trying to understand the motives of serial killers.

Question: Why do women take so long to get dressed?
Answer: The more formal the occasion the longer it takes and we have no idea until we’re halfway through. Sometimes the bitchy ones will take even longer to punish you after you did something but most of us don’t mean to. The sensible ones start hours in advance. When asked how we look at the end? Lie. Act like you met Aphrodite herself.

Question: Why do women let themselves go?
Answer: It happens gradually, as with men. But you don’t notice men, even though statistically more of them let themselves go. We do, notice. Oh, we do.

Question: Makeup. Explain.
Answer: Erm, okay? Catch 22. Men are socially allowed to look like shit. There are two uses for makeup, hiding something and exaggerating it. Then there are girls who treat it like an expressionist finger-painting project but leave them be. It takes a lot of time, money and skill to look like this, and we’re doing it for everyone but ourselves (non-sexual), because we don’t have to look at ourselves. Be grateful or we’ll gradually whittle it down to nothing since you obviously don’t care either way. Also, waterproof setting spray exists so please quit the jokes about taking us swimming. We keep our mouth politely shut when you’re ugly.

Question: Why does paying for the date matter?
Answer: It recognizes the reproductive value of the woman and allows the man to prove himself in the masculine role as provider for the temporary tribe of two. If you fail at the first hurdle, we aren’t duty bound to give you any more chances. These rules were invented by fathers and they work, dammit.

Question: I’m pretty sure negging works.
Answer: Like the Lynx ads, right? …It may attract a certain type (young damaged cheap girl that you have to keep dragging along) but learning those techniques will put you in worse stead for attracting anything better, because women polarize in our reactions. Ideally, treat every woman as an individual because we are just human.

Question: What’s the female equivalent of the car guy?
Answer: Horse women.

Question: Do attractive nerds exist?
Answer: Yes but you’re looking for a rare group within an already rare group, so their standards are gonna be ridiculous. Good luck.

Question: Tell me about shoes.
Answer: Status symbol. Also how gullible you are to buy the ugly ones.

8 responses to “Q&A

  1. Who are your favorite/least favorite anti-feminist (or non-feminist) YouTubers, ie. Sargon of Akkad, Lauren Southern, TL;DR, Shoe0nHead, “Thunderchr1st”, Sir Skeptalot, Ceara McCord?

    Who are your favorite/least favorite anti-feminist YouTubers, ie. Steve “Pope of YT atheism” Shives, Kevin the Potato Head, Captain Andy, peeweeburger?

    • Stefan M, Aaron Clarey, lots of data. Millennial Woes speaks for a lot of my people. Mister Metokur when he does his Tumblrisms. Thorium when he keeps his videos shorter and to the point.
      Least favourite? I don’t watch people I dislike on the whole, the new brand of misogynist MGTOW really disappoint and they seem to think those anti-women arguments make them look good, like an extreme form of negging but the ones who are somewhat there but could improve are Sargon, because he fence-sits and calls it objectivity while pandering to atheistkult, Milo Y because he’s only pretending to be traditional as underdog for filthy lucre and I like to hate-watch Owen Jones from time to time along with Russell Brand. Their vapid inanity reminds me why I’m doing this. I know people who treat them as icons.

    • Heard of him. Basing your entire identity on something you aren’t doing is a tad futile. For all the Going Their Own Way, they discuss women too much. It’s the majority of what they discuss. Who cares? Go do something else.
      On tests I come out either central or veering right. I used to be a liberal without knowing because everyone in this country with a state education was indoctrinated into it. Yes, most traditions have sensible reasons behind them and social engineering is usually like taking a scalpel to a healthy patient and wondering why they die. They don’t understand the system so meddling makes it worse.
      I don’t post politics elsewhere, it would be pointless. I have posted under other names in other areas of the internet and put it this way, at some point you’ve definitely heard of me, or one of my ideas. I go under pseuds because it allows intellectual rigor and freedom to influence people in what I hope is a helpful direction.

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