Link: A Rabbit’s Take on the ‘New Fascism’

I love how they try to mislabel everything like scare quotes.
The world over, this is being called the Rise of the ‘New Right’.

You can tell by the name what he’s going to say. Reading further is somewhat superfluous.

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TLDR: Bad things happen to good people, leave Britney The Left alone!

It’s actually a very old Right. The ideologically consistent one that lasted for centuries unopposed.

Never let it be said I don’t allow opponents to air their opinions, especially when they are so demonstrably wrong and outright hilarious to anyone who knows history.

For example, he tries to paint fascism as something common to left and right. When all historical examples have a big Leftist government behind them, to orchestrate the mass murders. From Mao to Stalin. And he thinks National Socialism is a contradiction in terms…

Not really. Their logic, as anyone who paid attention in school will know was:

We made this stuff here = Nationalism

This stuff here belongs to us, all of us = Socialism

Notice the dissembling going on, the way he blends truth and his unreality, it’s quite masterful how they do it to avoid amygdala irritation, he even hits on key points like resource restriction (the Left acknowledges this because they believe the solution is Communism). He’s trying to avoid anything that may make him uncomfortable, like an admission that people are sick of the Left’s social experimenting and its effect even on Venezuela’s economy. Blame foreign policy for that one.

Note: the one word, the solution both neat, peaceful and with millennia of successful precedent that is missing from all Left critique on the subject – ‘deportation’.

2 responses to “Link: A Rabbit’s Take on the ‘New Fascism’

  1. John J. Ray talks about Hitler’s Leftism on his blog (this one is written by Chris Brand, but if you look on the right you’ll see tons of stuff):

    The rise of fascism – or in this case, common sense – is a natural reaction to Leftism’s failed policies. Did they think it was going to last forever? Even in China they never really became wholly Communist because the Chinese are great wealth-generators and hoarders and have no problem with mass executions if it means moving forward. Anyways, that’s another issue and has no relation to this.

    But yes. It is indeed amusing to see Lefties get mad that people aren’t taking them seriously anymore.

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