Link: A Rabbit’s Take on the ‘New Fascism’

I love how they try to mislabel everything like scare quotes.
The world over, this is being called the Rise of the ‘New Right’.

You can tell by the name what he’s going to say. Reading further is somewhat superfluous.

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TLDR: Bad things happen to good people, leave Britney The Left alone!

It’s actually a very old Right. The ideologically consistent one that lasted for centuries unopposed.

Never let it be said I don’t allow opponents to air their opinions, especially when they are so demonstrably wrong and outright hilarious to anyone who knows history.

For example, he tries to paint fascism as something common to left and right. When all historical examples have a big Leftist government behind them, to orchestrate the mass murders. From Mao to Stalin. And he thinks National Socialism is a contradiction in terms…

Not really. Their logic, as anyone who paid attention in school will know was:

We made this stuff here = Nationalism

This stuff here belongs to us, all of us = Socialism

Notice the dissembling going on, the way he blends truth and his unreality, it’s quite masterful how they do it to avoid amygdala irritation, he even hits on key points like resource restriction (the Left acknowledges this because they believe the solution is Communism). He’s trying to avoid anything that may make him uncomfortable, like an admission that people are sick of the Left’s social experimenting and its effect even on Venezuela’s economy. Blame foreign policy for that one.

Note: the one word, the solution both neat, peaceful and with millennia of successful precedent that is missing from all Left critique on the subject – ‘deportation’.


Ask me anything (non-personal). Any topic, but female logic is rather popular.


Question: Why does it bother women when you tell them to smile?
Answer: You care more about how we look than how we feel.

I’ll leave this post up for future reference.


Question: What’s up with rape fantasies? – from a man.

Proper Answer: When a man has a dom fantasy, it’s normal.
when a man has a sub fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a dom fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a sub fantasy, men call it a rape fantasy. Something is presumed wrong with that woman.
You cannot fantasize about a crime being committed against your person, it’s impossible.
Take murder for example. You’ve never been murdered, you have no conception of what it’s like to die. You can envisage being in danger, but the details simply serve to make it more real. Do you want to be murdered, or is that a triviality of the plot that can be changed without a difference in arousal response?
You know who does have rape fantasies? Men. A lot of them. Both as rapist and rapee (coining it), with an attractive other. Fantasies are generally fine as long as you never act on them, the human brain is very creative and part of conditions like OCD is that the brain imagines things that horrify itself. Most men with those fantasies don’t ‘mean’ it in that sense, like people trying to understand the motives of serial killers.

Question: Why do women take so long to get dressed?
Answer: The more formal the occasion the longer it takes and we have no idea until we’re halfway through. Sometimes the bitchy ones will take even longer to punish you after you did something but most of us don’t mean to. The sensible ones start hours in advance. When asked how we look at the end? Lie. Act like you met Aphrodite herself.

Question: Why do women let themselves go?
Answer: It happens gradually, as with men. But you don’t notice men, even though statistically more of them let themselves go. We do, notice. Oh, we do.

Question: Makeup. Explain.
Answer: Erm, okay? Catch 22. Men are socially allowed to look like shit. There are two uses for makeup, hiding something and exaggerating it. Then there are girls who treat it like an expressionist finger-painting project but leave them be. It takes a lot of time, money and skill to look like this, and we’re doing it for everyone but ourselves (non-sexual), because we don’t have to look at ourselves. Be grateful or we’ll gradually whittle it down to nothing since you obviously don’t care either way. Also, waterproof setting spray exists so please quit the jokes about taking us swimming. We keep our mouth politely shut when you’re ugly.

Question: Why does paying for the date matter?
Answer: It recognizes the reproductive value of the woman and allows the man to prove himself in the masculine role as provider for the temporary tribe of two. If you fail at the first hurdle, we aren’t duty bound to give you any more chances. These rules were invented by fathers and they work, dammit.

Question: I’m pretty sure negging works.
Answer: Like the Lynx ads, right? …It may attract a certain type (young damaged cheap girl that you have to keep dragging along) but learning those techniques will put you in worse stead for attracting anything better, because women polarize in our reactions. Ideally, treat every woman as an individual because we are just human.

Question: What’s the female equivalent of the car guy?
Answer: Horse women.

Question: Do attractive nerds exist?
Answer: Yes but you’re looking for a rare group within an already rare group, so their standards are gonna be ridiculous. Good luck.

Question: Tell me about shoes.
Answer: Status symbol. Also how gullible you are to buy the ugly ones.

Comic: Gen Y can’t do a simple job of making a drink

without making out it’s the hardest job in the whole world.

We call those people middle class.


  1. take order
  2. prepare ingredients
  3. mix in a beverage receptacle
  4. serve

Emphasis on SERVE.

As in, respect the customer.

You are a drone to them. You defer to them or get a job that isn’t in service.

You are only as useful as your competence in your functional role.

angry computer rage

You have a simple job a monkey could do. Quit complaining!

If you can’t get a job that uses your skills, that is your fault. 

It’s more annoying if you’re in this age group, honestly. To be confused for these brats who don’t know what a job is.

Link: 12 ways to spot a misogynist

I find the objections to this quite funny since it’s actually a tame article. The message is treat people like human beings. If it covered misandry (feel free to write your own, both exist) then they’d hail it as brilliant, which is, as you can guess, sexist.

How is this empirically measured?

There are plenty of reliable psychiatric markers of hostility and they can apply to any demographic. They either apply to all demos or none of them. So yes, misogyny exists, as much as does misandry.

Note: gentlemen are not misogynists. Quite the opposite as this points out, in fact, they love women and being the alpha male, gently leading. A misogynist cannot treat a woman well or kindly without getting angry at himself (insecure-avoidant attachment style) and then her (projection).

TLDR: They make the lives of women harder, the lives of men easier and always have an excuse for why they treat only women worse.

Conscious denial is prevalent but a quick n’ dirty way to check is to ask their opinion of womb replacement technology. It will never happen, it’s a scifi myth, because the uterus is the most sophisticated system on the planet, developing the brain, the second most sophisticated. But they want to replace women at our primary function, and they haven’t thought it through enough (denial) to realize the logical issues with it, e.g. all men would be single fathers and hence evil for bringing a child into the world alone, none of them could breastfeed, and none of them would want to become full-time parents.

It’s an innate supremacy belief system, but that’s a confidence trick, they deeply fear inferiority and impotence. That’s why people laugh at them, they haven’t matured beyond the ‘girls are icky’ phase. Darwin doesn’t care, they deserve to die alone, alongside the misandrists.

Note 2: Narcissists are typified by idealization (you’re amazing) and swiftly follow it with devaluation (you’re evil). There is no Madonna/Whore in real life, but that is literally how they see women (but not men), trapped in their own head. That is the mark of a narcissist. “You’re not like the others”? RUN. “Other women are <insults>”? RUN. No woman stays on their pedestal. They think this is normal and that’s why they never find the Right Woman. Naturally, they assume the fault for this lies with women.

Are you new to the Manosphere?

Allow me to instruct you. See that link you came from? Run. Run back as fast as you can. It’s dead. It’s over. The cancer is malignant.

It’s become a scam.

It’s like the anti-lifestyle blog for hipster depressives. My pain isn’t like your pain!

We’re special because we see the truth!

The world is awful and hates us, we haven’t made any stupid decisions!

It’s like the sad male answer to Oprah. It tells you everything you wanna hear. There are many feminist analogues, and that’s why they hate them so much, the similarity smarts their fragile ego e.g. ROK is the male Jezebel. Prove me wrong.

You know the name is ironic?

I have never met a man in the manosphere.

Plenty of entitled shrill nags bitter about other’s happiness. Their dream is to make other people as hopeless as they are. They’ll dissemble and twist to do it. They want you to stop trying. They tell you it’s impossible. Whatever plans you had, the Big Bad is keeping you down. Be miserable and give them money. It’s such a con. Few provide value. It’s the internet equivalent of subprime – they don’t believe in what they’re selling and they don’t believe in anything. They wear their apathy and nihilism with pride. They’re full of pride and hollow of accomplishment. Hedonism is the only thing that can touch them, past the Mommy Issues and blunted affect. Their vision for the future is bleak, their fallacies predictable and notably, success is a joke to them. They mock you for believing in it. They tell you it will never happen, whatever you wanted.

Tell them about a happy marriage. They’ll laugh.

Tell them about true love. They’ll deride you.

Tell them about a stable family life. They’ll probably try and gaslight you into thinking your wife has been cheating with the milkman.

Oh, they don’t believe it. They hope they’re right or you destroy their precious worldview. The one where they’re unhappy because they fucked up, repeatedly. You can’t improve your life until you admit you did something wrong with it. They’re insecure and cannot be saved from themselves. They need a shrink. They don’t laugh at other people, not really, they’re so self-loathing they project out to other people what they hate and laugh at themselves, twisting it into proof of their own superiority. You’re married? Lol they’re single and loving it. You’re single? Lol they’re covered in women, so alpha. You’re seeing someone? Lol they know she’s gonna ruin you.

You cannot win.

You know what they say about women? Anytime a woman is happy, they complain. It hurts them to see a woman happy, whatever the cause. That’s how you know they’re misogynists and have issues with their mother. Btw, they often resort to childish psychodynamic explanations of people they dislike, often involving rape, despite holding no qualifications on the subject, clearly. Mental illness isn’t an insult but they disgustingly use it like one. They will twist anything good into something evil.

A woman has no job? Parasite. A woman is a mother? Shrew. A woman is part-time? Bad mother. A woman is in a low wage job helping to pay the bills? Emasculating her husband. A woman gets welfare? Thief. A woman has a high wage job? She’s ‘stolen’ it from men. A woman contributes to society with her intelligence? That doesn’t prove anything, but she probably slept her way to the top.

We cannot win.

Note: they will play the slut! accusation card regardless of overwhelming evidence against this. That’s why they’re cunts. Women don’t need a second, thanks.

These people are toxic. Some are sociopaths controlling the others, but mainly they’re spergs looking for a system to explain away their self-created pain. If you act stupid, bad things happen. If you insult women, you’ll repel them. They’re collectively too dumb to ever realize this, let alone acknowledge it openly and self-correct.

Know why?

All the real ones have left, long ago. We’re left with the broken rejects. You see, the manosphere should be a stop along the road. Like a convenience store, you get in, you get exactly what you need and you get out. You aren’t supposed to hang around at the bar pontificating on your failure as an adult in the easiest century ever (and using your sex as an excuse, how cheap). Past a certain age (20, the age is 20) you have to stop blaming other people. They’re full of contradictions ruining their lives e.g.

Men are the best and naturally good at everything.
Women somehow have the power and intelligence to keep us down.


We need more traditional women to improve society and boost fertility.
Women are useless inferior bothers who ruin your life and intelligence/creativity are sex-exclusive because fuck neurological proof to the contrary.

Women are crazy.
Men keep killing themselves and practically everyone else and this is evil and women’s fault.

Women are the sex without sexual self control. A man needs to cheat – in his marriage. Ignore the Ashley Madison data on male cheats. Also, women are prudes with broken libido. A woman who won’t have sex with us is a whore. 

and the increasingly shrill refrain recently

hur derp Women never invented anything and having babies [note: pro-creation, the ultimate creation] is all they’re good for.
We should reinforce the ban on letting women go to University again, they aren’t dumb as we lied about, they’re actually making us look bad.

Don’t bother pointing this out, I already explained the IQ thing for voting if they bothered to pick up a bloody book. The average female IQ is actually higher than the average male,as tested and admitted by a male researcher but don’t bother trying to show them real data. They’re in a sex supremacy movement, just like the feminists. That is why they fail. They don’t get, it isn’t a competition. If a woman contributes to society in STEM then everybody wins! (There are many women in STEM actually, if they bothered to go to a convention instead of whining about muh Tesla online like IFLSers they could meet us, see footnote).

Can you read this? It means if we went back to a merit based system, one based on IQ, then women would control elections, as more men would be disqualified. As for one based on property, women live longer aka we inherit, bitches!

They’re dumb enough to look up to psychopaths. The same guys often dead or in jail before 40.

The ‘naturals’ as they call them, in spite of self-improvement work common to everyone, those guys don’t sit around angrily typing on keyboards about what a man really is like a conspiracy nut or what a woman should be if only XYZ. No. They’re out there being it. They’re out there living it. They’re doing things to improve the world. Blogging is navel-gazing narcissism, no better morally than women talking at a coffee shop, we all know that. They aren’t pushing a product and they certainly aren’t pushing themselves, these manboys are like makeup bloggers who believe in personal branding to excuse their narcissism. It’s such a gamma thing to go around correcting everyone when your moral authority is zero and strutting around with your cognitive distortions carefully crafted to make you feel better while calling everybody else deluded.

The frequent voices of the manosphere are the archetype of modern Peter Pan. The r-type’s ideal. They will say and do anything to avoid responsibility. Hence, manboys. They dispute male duties even exist (laughably trying to dub that sexist, well yeah…, but also they say they believe in gender roles, I know) because that’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. But oh, they’ll make some bitchy comment about better men who worked in the mines or died in a war so they can denigrate the grand-daughters of those men or have some legally questionable bad sex with them. They look like men but they don’t think, feel or act like one. There isn’t a moral compass. Utterly useless to any real society and their social lives match, they’re often the dregs that enjoy going to clubs, ffs. Who primarily socializes in a place too dark to see, too loud to hear and with such terrible music?

Test: You know will know an r-type by his positive, victimless attitude to promiscuity. 

Bonus: And they’re bizarrely quiet on the subject of cheats. Cliff notes: If a man cheats, good, because I am man and free after holy vows. If a woman cheats, evil, because woman is my property as it says in the vows. 

If you want to know whether to trust a man look at his personal history. Look at what he made out of his life. If he’s what, 30+ and still a loser? You want to take advice from this person, seriously? Don’t listen to what he says until you like what he’s done. It’s all theory to him and he’ll chuck it out as soon as it makes him feel bad about himself. He’s in a little bubble like a weeaboo. You don’t take marriage advice from the guy who thinks it’s a prison, the gamophobe. You don’t take advice on women from a man who has never kept one beyond the honeymoon period. If a man says all women are trash, what does it say that they were attracted to him? You don’t take career advice from a blogger. This should all be common sense.

It’s a stream of outrage porn and a long string of self-pitying weak-willed excuses to remain a loser. My, so many girls must be begging to lock down that bundle of issues! I bet he wants you to fold his underpants and cut his crusts too, just like Mommy did. Because marrying your Mother to look after you and being sexually attracted to that image isn’t creepy whatsoever.

I cannot think of a single man in the usual swirl of the manosphere and it’s drama that would make a drag queen diva blush, who is qualified to give traditional advice. None of them have lived it. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude it is generally a scam. Think about it this way: if it’s so obvious or they’re so kind-hearted, why must you keep opening your wallet? Lovebombing.

It’s a personality cult. There, I said it.


Footnote: STEM is fine!

“None of those things are observable,” Hira says. “In fact, they’re operating in the opposite way.”
Read it and weep.

You have been replaced. You were inferior to the new team, that’s capitalism. You let yourself be replaced. That’s a personal failure and rather humiliating.

Name ONE decent male inventor of the past century and I’ll let you play the Tesla card. He’s your version of Jezebel’s Lovelace card but at least her code worked.

Tweet of the Year: r-types gonna r

r-typesgonnar crying laughter lmao

I could leave it there but for the slow people: they’re the same thing. Ask yourself: How many white women has he targeted, and on the basis of their race? Been through, thus far? Ruined for motherhood?

[h/t CH, read the poll on mudsharking with brown dick and weep]

Rs cannot perceive this deeper meaning. They think you’re just killing their buzz and making it personal. Nope, the rules exist for everyone or they don’t exist.

He’s literally trying to pull a No True Scotsman on traditional people, for being traditional. Practicing what they preach.

Say, how’s that traditional cult he wants to start going? The modern herbs aren’t going for it much, huh? It involves a lot of effort, and less blaming your problems on other people? Hmm. What a mystery, that one. Inferior men don’t want to step up, they want to complain about how someone is holding them down as an excuse to be lazy. Enabling them in this isn’t helping. Telling them to pull their socks up won’t make them real men, as he’ll discover by retention rates.

In case you think he’s being self-aware and ironic, he tweeted this immediately after about SJWs;

The dissociation game is a common subversion tactic used by the opposition to fracture movements, promote infighting.

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

We’re winning. We’re totes winning. Cultural war. Moral war. Battle for a European future. He’s just pissed off Eastern Europe is growing a pair and protecting its women from being used like sex toys.

Since Roosh is now clearly dead-set against white nationalists, will the SJWs become nipsters ironically? Will they follow the path of the genius Hipster Racist? [check him out, the man is a God]

The problems facing the world have made themselves apparent.

All those ‘refugees’ aren’t going to Europe for the cash. There’s cash on every continent. They’re going for the white unchaperoned pussy. Roosh doesn’t like competition, despite writing books to make the cash to do it, encouraging others to imitate him. The dirty little secret of PUA? It’s mostly brown men who refuse to ‘settle’ for their own, ugly women. It’s brown men who feel entitled, racially obsessed with defiling white ‘whores’. Ruining us for the white men, subconsciously. It’s a rather racist practice, in many respects. That’s why I’m against it. r-types love to cause chaos in a gene pool and get a shot of dopamine at the same time. Theirs is the psychological damage of the male race mixer, forever feeling inferior and vengeful about it, as fat white women who mudshark, they are the flipside of the coin.

They like the idea of being followed but not the hard work of actually leading. r-types want to be first in line for everything, without strings, except a beatdown.

evil grin lol smile happy

Like fathers, brothers and uncles running him out of town, at best.

Welcome to Patriarchy, boys. We have men.

The Europe he returns to once this immigrant problem has resolved will be a Europe rediscovering its roots. I don’t think he’ll like what he finds. The question will be, who to target next: South America, or Asia? I think he’ll go America for the poverty angle, unless he believes the tighter pussy myth.

I’m surprised the SJWs haven’t doxxed his sister with the intention of sending a man to seduce her on hidden camera or something. Maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas. Shame seems to work on him very effectively, for someone so secure in their actions and moral righteousness (bravado, all puff). He bathes in attention, he chose to become a public figure. Why should merely pointing out his efforts to dilute a white woman’s legacy, that he targets us repeatedly, as a brown man, provoke a negative response? Isn’t he proud of himself?