Should a man insist on his marital rights if his wife finds him repulsive?

I have nothing to add, this is brilliant.

Throne and Altar

This dilemma was inspired by the discussion over at The Thinking Housewifehere.  I don’t want to focus on the specifics of the cases discussed there, though.  I’d rather think of the more general question.  I’ve showed before that wives have a duty to render the marriage debt to their husbands–that this is the unambiguous position of Christianity and that it has an important natural function.  That was looking at things from the wife’s point of view.  Now let’s look at things from the husband’s point of view.  Given that his wife usually must comply with his requests, when is it right for him to make them?  As the head of the household, the husband must not privilege his own desires; if anything, he should disfavor himself so that his authority will more clearly seem to be motivated by the common good.

I think the answer is, a husband…

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So is it okay to be obsessed with sex or not?

When the enemy tells you a thing, you can be certain is a lie.
Only a fool would take flat advice from their enemy.
r/K explains their reasoning, so anything that detracts from discussions of mating strategies is profitable to them.
They thrive on contradiction – stay out of my bedroom, except your wallet. It’s a private life between consenting adults who, are you to judge? Let’s stage a Pride parade with BDSM gear in full view of tiny infants. They’re shit-testing us and we assume it’s their stupidity. In this matter, they are quite sharp.

How to spot a traitor: Calais Edition

I refused to believe this until I saw it. Well, I saw it.

As if there aren’t any poor, homeless or suffering people in your own bloody country.

fury anger hades


Meanwhile, there are still homeless people in Europe, actual homeless people, who aren’t there by choice. For one anecdote, I know people who could barely get by this Christmas, even on food. Within the UK. A First World country.

Before you ascribe pure motives to these people, click on the tab labelled Files.


oh damn wow ah

That alone would be rather damning, but it’s Christmas, so I’ll give you more.

This group is a place to organise aid from the UK to those stranded in Calais. You can find your local group here :

The FAQ sheet:

Don’t post photos of individuals without their permission, and don’t post photos of dead people.

Ashamed of something?
It’s a public group. You put your name to it. It’s public charity work. Legally, it’s all legit.

Let’s look for a typical picture of these model citizens.


That’s… exactly what I expected. Frumpy ugly people who look like a sack of potatoes in hideous jumpers. The theory of Lefty ugliness and overcompensation holds.

We decline all responsibility in terms of safety, communication, organisation, logistics and donations for any project. This is JUST a Facebook group.

Facebook groups don’t dole out legal advice and pressure the taxpayer via Government.

Don’t take my word for it, read their holy pinned post and make up your own mind which nation they are serving.

calaispinnedpost1 calaispinnedpost2

Well, if it were a harmless little group online, innocuous enough to make completely public information (yes, that’s how it works), you have revoked your right to privacy. Which means I can point out that under members, there is a tab called Admin. Note: how few of them want to be outed with that disgustingly garish orange badge.

calaisadmin1 calaisadmin2

After all, if you’re doing this doubleplusgood work, you should be proud of it, and should take no issue with getting the full credit, right?

It isn’t as if your direct actions could lead to something terrible, like another terrorist attack, is it? It isn’t as if the UK is currently on a high alert level? The threat has nothing to do with you, I’m sure…

And they made the papers.

No, that isn’t a typo. 10 tonnes of presents to outgroup people with the excess money to travel past plenty of safe countries and a chef-cooked halal Christmas meal.
They don’t understand, when they resist, and everyone hits their limit eventually, these people will attack them. It’s happening all over the place. Even SWEDEN. That’s why various parts of Europe are closing their borders. Protection.

33,180 members in this one pocket alone. Affiliated with Left Wing and Proud. Quelle surprise.

Well it looks like they’ve made our list for us. In case we need to contact them, after an event.

I can’t wait to see what their charges are going to do, because we can all agree, in taking responsibility for these people, they are directly responsible for their later actions.

OK? O.K.

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Link: French Lefty incites rape of conservative white women

h/t AC, he’s right, it is white genocide as a weapon, but rape has always been a genocidal weapon. That’s why it was punished with murder and sometimes killers were not. Creating a life without permission is far worse for society than taking one.

A woman doesn’t fear murder as much as rape.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

They know this, so when I say this type of person should be shot, I’m being the moderate one. This is not even a laughing matter, unlike you’re laughing in shock and appalment.

p.s. yet another man pretends to know evobio and deliberately implies something about female lubrication that any woman could correct him on, if he listened. He just admitted to being bad in bed. No, a biker with tattoos, or whatever your idea of ‘rough’ is not going to get every woman in the vicinity wet, that’s ridiculous. That’s like arguing any girl in a dress can pass the boner test, whatever her looks, weight, height, the ugliness of dress…..

The Man In the High Castle is SJW-proof

Yesterday it got renewed for a second season.

The SJWs are finally leaving a piece of geek culture alone, because the very premise triggers them and even admitting to watching or liking the show would open them up among their fellow SJWs to accusations of endorsing Nazism so it’s well worth a watch. They can’t even call it bad because it’s been getting rave reviews (likely in response to the SJW control of recent years, this is like a breath of fresh air). By far, the best thing about it is Rufus Sewell as a Nazi officer, that character needs more screen time.

The final episode surprised me.

Quit complaining about being a bad provider

eyeroll marilyn monroe rlly really uhuh hmmm oh

Fix it or quit it. Nothing repels women more than a self-pitying man whining like a baby about his failure.

It’s pathetic.

That’s the game, it’s a competition. That’s the modern economy. Say nothing of the SMP.

You sound like those women who complain when their husband wants sex. And if you never want to marry, what’s the problem? Why do you want to earn and retain a woman’s interest? Yes, it’s like currency.

Or do you really believe a woman should love you purely for existing? Just the Way You Are – while taking from her? No woman will replace your mother. Relationships are based on social exchange and you all sound like Aspies.

Everybody wants a free lunch and nobody wants to cook it.

Provider doesn’t just mean financial. Stop and think about what the woman provides and how upset you’d be (mantrums) if she withheld it. That’s how you sound.

You don’t get to complain about women contributing to the modern workforce. You wanted women to earn their place, you wanted women to stop sponging off men and the minute we do you bitch about the labour market. You didn’t marry these women so they have to support themselves. That isn’t a fucking choice. That was your choice.

You can’t stand that we’re better at many things than you, the omegas.

You want to have your cake and eat it and that’s indecisive bitchiness. If you owe us nothing, we owe you nothing.

The best advice in that article are numbers three and six.

500 days of summer is the test for male entitlement

Like that Marilyn Monroe quote for women.

It’s a huge red flag for women. That’s why we like to bring it up.

The whole film is from this delusional guy’s perspective who thinks he’s so deep because of the way he dresses, the music he listens to and his hobbies. Yep, he’s a pretentious hipster/emo kid. Wearing grandpa’s jumpers doesn’t make you wise.

He isn’t even in love with her, he’s in limerence as you can see from the ending. That’s why it’s creepy. He doesn’t even listen to her, she’s more like a talking doll to him. That would make more logical sense, if we saw from a third person perspective she’s actually a body pillow.

Read about the film-makers, they slag him off so much. This was deliberate.

This quote summarizes it well.


Forever alone because they don’t want a human woman.

Feminist in the sense that any woman watching it would recognize the entitled douches of their acquaintance from a mile away. It was so popular because it was a RomCom from the MALE perspective, where a man blames his failings on a girl who was nothing but honest with him. The type who’ll later complain all women are lying bitches (so yes misogyny). After a certain number of times, the problem isn’t the other people…