Link: How Bad Are Things?

On the Privilege of Thinking You Can Judge Someone’s Life by Appearances

Sociopaths are incapable of true empathy.

Let that sink in. They’ll say they care but do something else.

You can tell them all about someone’s suffering and they’ll still treat it like a competition.

4 responses to “Link: How Bad Are Things?

  1. I think the matter is quite simple: humans have ALWAYS had depression, minor aches and pains, tremors, PTSD, anxiety, heart palpitations, corns and sores on our feet, mouth ulcers, tumours, paranoia, etc. We’ve always had minor ailments that make our lives not great, but weren’t big enough to stop us living. So we’d keep tilling fields through our arthritis and complain we’re sore. Or socialize despite depression and break down and cry once we got alone. Or go and get the shopping even though our anxiety made our chests tighten as though we were having a heart attack. Because we:

    A: Couldn’t AFFORD to let these things stop us. Stopping meant death, by one means or another.

    and B: Had no idea what was wrong with us. There was no diagnosis beyond the obvious (“achey joints”, “melancholy”, “weak nerves”).

    But now we know what’s wrong with us, we give it a name and carry it around like a pet. We feed it attention, we coddle it when it bites us and we argue over whose pet is better. We average, non-doctor people were probably better off being medically ignorant.

      • I’m not sure. Due to a couple of conditions running in my family (bipolar spectrum and autoimmune disorder clusters), I get to see a lot of moderately ill people once in a while. We’re a big family, with plenty of support and a tendency to introversion. Victim-attention-whoring is common in the younger ones, but the older ones tend to just get on with it. And very few lead typical modern lives.

        When you get to know people closely, everyone has some small ailment, inherited disorder and/or mental trouble. Just something small that they need to overcome to get on with life. And I don’t think we’re much different to past generations, after all, humans are pretty weak animals. I just think we like to talk about it more now.

      • Or, in other words: the only difference between the average healthy person and the average minorly sick person is that the minorly sick person has visited a doctor or psychiatrist.

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