Video: Why apologizing to SJWs is useless

The SJWs that don’t exist, they’re an urban legend, a myth. Like unicorns or the nuclear family.

Sure, the social justice tag exists, online, but this is 2016 and we don’t define a group of people by their belief system anymore, bigot.

More than useless, it is Kafkaesque, if you deny you’re a witch, you would say that, you’re a witch. If you admit any of it, any part of the story, it is used as evidence against you in the court of public opinion, an uncertain outcome becomes an inevitable defeat. These are not reasonable people. They hate you, and if they could, they would literally kill you. In fact, by encouraging rape, suicide and SWATing, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Witch trial mob monstering cretins with literally nothing else in their lives will try to ruin yours. But you’re the fascist….

First they seek control. This never works. Then they move onto enforcement by force.

As a special treat, here is the Ultimate Test for Fascism, for your rhetorical use;

Hold an opinion they don’t like? They’ll ruin your life! 

Bonus, victim blaming: You deserve worse!

3 responses to “Video: Why apologizing to SJWs is useless

  1. Upset them? Everyone upsets them. Those who respond to their upset lose their jobs and personal lives. Those who respond with anger and confusion because they’re advertising themselves as people who like to mud-wrestle pigs. Those who respond with an apology because they claim to also be a pig. Unshockingly, people who completely ignore SJW temper tantrums are marginally, if at all, affected. Don’t take them seriously and nobody else can do so either.

  2. Nice article. But it doesn’t go far enough. Don’t ever apologize to an SJW, that is true. There are other no’s that must be taken into consideration. No compromises, no accommodations, and no negotiations with SJWs either. The only thing SJWs deserve is to meet with the same total war they bring upon those who won’t bow to their demands. These kinds of monsters have been attacking Western Civilization since Robespierre and the Jacobins destroyed France. They should have been mercilessly crushed then like all the others that came after them should have crushed; the Nazis; the Communists; and every other ism that replaced them. But humans never learn.

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