Psychopath tells

Since that porn star is being called a psychopath (I think he is), here’s what we look for.


They lack empathy and remorse and never accept responsibility for their action.


Do they lie a lot?

Uses aliases?

Lie about their age when they’re ashamed of it? [we like this one because we can verify]

Nudge the boundaries between their definition of fun and illegal?

Have little in the way of impulse control (gambling, drinking, drugs, sex especially)? …Really, just look at their sexual history, it’s never wrong.

Must they always have control?

Even over strangers?

Do they push boundaries repeatedly?

Do they say things they know will upset a person?

Just to get a rise? [antisocial]

Do they say explicit things to women that they know would get them punched if a man were present or addressed? [most are male and all male psychopaths are misogynists]

Is rape a literal turn-on? Does the mere mention of the word put a little glimmer in their eyes? Do they have many incredibly detailed opinions clearly formed over many years about why ‘it isn’t so bad’?

Will they target kind people or quiet people, minding their own business?

Do they leech off kind people emotionally?

Do they rotate their friend groups every few years because people get sick of them?

Do they lack direction in life, probably in the same place 10 years from now, doing the same things?

Do they expect others to serve them?

Do they hog the conversation? When they know nothing about the topic? [mansplaining originates here]

Do they belittle people over nothing? Including different morally neutral life choices?

If these things are reminding you of PUAs, you’re correct, things like negging, plowing, shit testing (which gamma males do constantly) without going into personal space violations and sexual coercion (that revokes consent later given, under duress) are all red flags for profiling. Basically, can they only get it up if they choke her? Sadly we can’t ask that question but it’d be 100% predictive.

ah who knows mystery shrug eva green pfft haha

2 responses to “Psychopath tells

  1. How droll…

    The Mrs. enjoys getting choked more than I enjoy choking her. Though, on occasion I admit it can be fun. Is she more psychotic than I am? Given to the fact she is female… of course she is.

    • Nah, if the person asks for it, literally, it’s fine. Really you should only suggest sexual things for oneself to avoid pressuring. But ordering all sexual partners to do certain things, especially things they know the other doesn’t want to do, like they find degrading, that is the control issue. Pushing boundaries, not enforcing them.

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