Link: The art of being a 50s housewife

It was a fine thing if one was dumb and had no alternate prospect. Otherwise it’s a damn waste of a good brain (bad for everyone). The majority of their homeworking hours were taken up on things now supplanted by electronics – beating rugs or running errands, there are documentaries about the way it took up a whole day by hand, so we can never go back without a total grid down scenario.

Similarly, dumb men should be banned from most occupations. There’s no shame in manual labour.

I wonder, if it is as “easy” as some males say, why they don’t want to become house husbands?

If it is truly ‘doing nothing’, ‘woman’s work’ aka easy and they’re hamming it up? Where are the guys flocking to it, then? Aren’t men supposed to be the lazier sex? If you’re twice as capable, and could do it in half the time?

Methinks they might be kidding themselves…

Maybe I lost my pocketwatch and I'm secretly a Time Lady.

JK no one would marry them.

2 responses to “Link: The art of being a 50s housewife

  1. Housewives got a lot of crap for being housewives, when back in the day they’d have no problem plucking chickens and butchering hogs. It’s demanding work. But it’s not a CEO job, so it’s considered unfashionable, though it’s a necessity.

    • Apparently Daddy Issues are real but Mommy ones aren’t………….. and penis envy is real but womb envy? …….
      Those boys should’ve been left out to die like the Spartans, they treated their women right, with respect.

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