Roosh V and European women

Europeans are naturally edgy around the swarthier man. Especially when they ask rude questions.
How can someone not falling for your act be considered simple? No such thing as a smart white woman to him, is there?

With gossip like this, the comments are also worth a gander.

“Hahaha! Dude, Roosh himself goes straight for the bottom of the barrel and avoids educated, financially well-off women at all costs. Well, they avoid him, to be more correct. Or why do you think he left Denmark?”
“I have the same problem with Roissy. Every time I look at his blog and try to read something, I hardly ever make it past the first two paragraphs. I find it downright bizarre when people refer to him as an “intellectual.” If you look at his posts, you see that he is peppering them with big words almost at random, often using inappropriate ones, or messing up metaphors or disregarding language levels.”

Roissy is smart, he’s clever, he’s above average… but he isn’t anything higher than bright. I’ve tried correcting him on multiple academic points where he looked borderline retarded to somebody who picked up a single book and he completely ignored me. OK, continue to look misinformed….

scoff skarsgard

I only continue to read CH for the commentary on Europe.

4 responses to “Roosh V and European women

  1. UncaBob called Roissy out on some of his nonsense one time, and Roissy had a meltdown when Bob told him he had more experience than him. Roissy thought he meant more experience with sex etc. But Bob meant in life itself. I know another guy who got banned for questioning his thoughts that “psychopath game” is the ultimate game. In other words, he thinks “chicks dig psychopaths.” LOL. Not very alpha, is it?

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