What do years of PUA/game get you? What’s the result?

I was pondering what all this time and supposed secret knowledge allows the average male to obtain.

It seems that if they’re really onto something they should be able to play and keep out of their own SMV league.

Yet when you look for PUAs who settled and/or married, the women are generally… average? I don’t mean this in a bad way, I’m sure they’re lovely people, but considering the heartless emphasis these guys have placed on physical appearance, it doesn’t make sense. Can’t they keep a ‘hottie’?

Pictures posted without comment.

adam lyons and wife David DeAngelo and wife mystery and oompaloompa Neil Strauss and wife Nick Kho and wife Mike-Cernovich and wife


That last one is Paul Janka, aka the only attractive PUA I’ve ever seen. He looks like a model, easily a 9 himself, and wouldn’t you know it, bagged a woman of similar attractiveness. And she’s English. *high 5*

You would expect such assortative mating purely based on chance, so what does their ‘game’ really get you? I don’t see the results, frankly. He has an interview up where he says this;

“Game teaches men to screen for sluttiness in women to find girls who are going to give us a blowjob in the next 45 minutes, but you need another filter to screen for character for marriage and for the mother of your children. The screening techniques of game are antithetical for screening for a mate.”

So far, so obvious. K-women won’t fall for that.

“And I think for a man to be successful at life he should recognise his youthful erotic nature, but as he ages he should transition into a more respectful relationship with a woman that perhaps resembles more what he has with his mother. Men who fail to do that might be cut off at the knees.”

aka die alone, as the bitches in the comment section attacked him for.

Convenient how they expect the Right Woman to ignore their background like a beta cuck marrying a former porn star. Why would a K-selected woman accept you given your former behaviour and animosity toward her sex (a game is adversarial)? A mother’s love is unconditional. You are no Oedipus. I think he’s giving average-looking guys unreasonable expectations there.

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