The Middle East is dying because its model is a failure


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read and scrollee for my opinion, in sum;

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

I said, this whole European refugee invasion thing is all about the pussy, did anyone listen to me? No. You can get money pretty much anywhere, but there’s only one place in the whole world that the white women at.

As I said here:

their primary motivation is sex with white-blonde whores.  They think all Western women are the whores they see in porn. Low IQ, what ya gonna do.

If I see one more utter moron babble on about how ‘great’ polygamy would be since he presumes he’d get laid a lot, I may scream. These people are desert-dwelling disease-ridden low-IQ no-impulse control losers, and you see that as a role model? Fucking r-types, honest to Christ…

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Aside from these, do you have enough wealth to support a single wife now? 2.2 kids?



bored have you heard enough listening tired no please stop go Lestat IWTV

These tosspots are incapable of keeping a single woman happy for years. Happy wife, happy life? But let’s go with a thought experiment.

Imagine you take 6 wives, equally spaced over 6 decades. Reasonable, huh?

Let’s assume that sexually you pay more attention to them the more recently you married. How much power would the latest one hold over you? Affairs would be unacceptable since you’d have plenty of pussy at home.

How quickly before the elder ones gang up on you? Murder you and split the money?

There’s a reason polygyny societies need to keep women locked up in the home – otherwise they’d be poisoners. As for polyandry, which comes along with polygamy, sperm is cheap so that’s probably the direction it would go. Women are guaranteed maternity so sure, push for polygamy, see what happens.

I may appear smug, in fact that's just the sound of maths rushing through my mind

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