7 responses to “The feminist line on Europe-imported rapists

  1. Do men not stand up for women in Europe? Am I one of the few that do here in America?

    As pissed off at this woman as I am over such a stupid, foolish sentiment (written on a large sign, for god’s sake), I would still protect her from a rapist. I suspect, were such a horrible thing occur, she would want my help, no matter how fucking ignorant she is with that sign.

    Maybe my priorities are wrong. But that is the way Mama brought me up.

    • We’re still very tribal, if somebody outgroups themselves in the good times we go Vlad the Impaler and laugh at their suffering in the bad, why do you think we needed Christianity? Nah in this case it’s about risking your own life to save somebody who brings it on themselves, it’s like handing a serial killer a chainsaw, we leave them to it and many fairytales enforce this message. We told you what to do, you didn’t do it, now you have no thumbs.

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