Video: 10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation

a few of my own based on observation

  1. tech-illiterate
  2. refuses to learn, calls us all lazy
  3. compare apples to oranges
  4. ideology over reality
  5. take no responsibility for their actions despite being in charge of everything
  6. can’t stand to see anyone happier for any reason whatsoever
  7. they will give you advice and mock you when you’ve ruined your life by following it
  8. underemployment and unpaid internships are slave labour
  9. bitch about their youth, where they spent all their buckets of cash on a low cost of living and bitch about age, where they failed to save for retirement and got into even more debt somehow like a cat that keeps getting pregnant
  10. obsessed with immortality, like Voldemort
  11. they won’t support families in their own country and they won’t fund people who want to have kids (unlike themselves) to keep the economy that pays for their goodies working but they want to import people with less skills and less culture who don’t even resolve the problem
  12. fearmongering about how bad fighting a war is, ignorant of the concept of a Just War
  13. they get stuff, you protect their right to get stuff, or you’re Hitler, the socialist
  14. voting bloc
  15. standards for thee but not for me = post-birth abortion is OK but you question vaccines and you’re a babykiller
  16. justify every personal failure as actually the Right Thing To Do
  17. youth culture and the marketing monster
  18. lies about history and tradition to push utopia, a word that means No Place
  19. think bossing you around is work (when there is nothing of value in what they say and more often it slows you down), you have to babysit them but they get the higher salary
  20. sleeping around is great, sex is always good for you ignore all social damage and medical evidence to the contrary you’re killing our buzz
  21. we dress like a teenager but you’re immature for disagreeing with us
  22. yet the truth is subjective
  23. don’t know what science is, no really, basic scientific method/philosophy

4 responses to “Video: 10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation

  1. LOL

    You need to get around more.

    I am on the trailing end of the boomer generation and I don’t think there is a single line item that describes me accurately.

    • Generally a person is ID’d by their generation when they’re a personal failure. You aren’t one but you’re a rare survivor based on your demo. I know plenty of Gen X and Gen Y and coming up Gen Z with horror stories.

      • I think we are all a product of the mass brainwashing… each submitting to their time and place and particulars.

        Yes, the Boomers have their particular mindf@ck. The latter have their particular mindf@uck.

        As with everything, though, there is a purpose for the orchestrated endeavor, and I suggest mainly to keep a divide between groups, be it race, gender, age, whatever.

        Too bad people don’t see it, by and large.

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