Link: ‘Asylum seekers’/deserters being targeted, blame their doors

Yes, it’s the door’s fault.

No possible reason they, the indigenous population, could have a problem with your freeloading and getting a free council house when native people are on the waiting list for decades.

Yes, blame the door.

He said: “As many landlords will attest, paint is bought in bulk for use across all properties.

“It is ludicrous to suggest that this constitutes any form of discrimination, and offensive to make comparisons to a policy of apartheid in Nazi Germany.”

The charity Refugee Council said it “has long held concerns about the quality and security of asylum accommodation”.

It added: “The government must not tolerate its contractors taking a lax attitude towards housing these vulnerable people. Such an approach is clearly jeopardising their safety.”

G4S said in a statement: “While we have not received any direct complaints from asylum seekers, we acknowledge that the issue of front door colours was first raised with us in 2012.

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