r-types want r-types

Study Claims To Reveal The Ideal Number Of Sex Partners You Should Have

If you ask cheating, adulterous sluts whether they want someone with sexual experience for a ONS, of course they’re going to pluck the first suspiciously round number that pops into their head. If you asked them whether cheating within marriage was moral, they would also lie. The MSM wouldn’t post the surveys result of a Christian dating website or an arranged marriage-minded one.

This ‘study’ has nothing to do with fidelity or relationships, they step out on their own spouse. They are incapable of that.

Adultery is the only grounds for divorce for good reason.


The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.

You don’t own your own bodies once you’ve made the marriage vow, the other person keeps guard over it, as they also belong to you, that’s the whole commitment! That’s literally the entire point.


The mean average is skewed by the sluts, once accounted for the median drops like a rock. About 4-5. Maybe 7 would be pushing it. To make the sluts feel better, many studies count kissing as sexual activity. You know, the thing you do to your grandma probably.

Add to it that men lie through their teeth. Self-report bias.

A quarter of the men have had sex with over 10 different partners throughout their lifetime. For women the average is a lot lower with only 4.7 sexual partners.

Notice all the dodgy wording. A quarter – over 10 different, lifetime, lot lower, only. Weasel words. Comparing a quarter of men with the whole mean average of women is not scientific. Yet the demand is to report on it in a way that hurts nobody’s feelings.


Relate’s  2014 The Way We Are Nowreport found that 31% of men and 21% of women had slept with more than ten people in their lifetime.

See the game theory of marriage post, those people deserve one another. Both are high divorce risk.

And men are the bigger sluts.

the largest gender differences were found among those who’d had sex with over 20 people (8% of women vs 16% of men).

Truth hurts, manwhores.

This is why you can’t find a wife. Even among r-types (see first study) they wanted someone less r-selected than themselves.

I know what a trite response to this will be, divorce risk.

I looked back into the manosphere’s and neoreaction’s most hyped finding: a study that looks at only half demographics. Just women, in a vacuum. As in, nobody has calculated in a study this divorce risk based on male promiscuity, so you cannot claim it isn’t a causal factor in marital dissolution.

As one comment wisely pointed out;

The number of sex partners a man has is equally important, regardless of the individual impact on relationships. After all, WITH WHOM DO YOU THINK HETEROSEXUAL MEN ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH IF NOT WITH WOMEN?

Men cannot have 20 partners each while women all remain virgins. Unless you are advocating abusing women via prostitution or prostitution-substitutes (the young women with low self-esteem, no family support and/or no healthy boundaries).

We either encourage both men and women to limit the number of sexual partners or we accept that for each man who “gets lucky” a woman who might one day marry is also having (and maybe even enjoying) sex with a non-husband. This is not a single gender issue.

If anybody wants to calculate the divorce risk for manwhores…

This is part of the dataset they used (2002). Oh look, data about men! Finally!



Note the second chart that disproves the manosphere myth about women being more promiscuous in this century. Men are the sluts. For most of history, women were considered the slutty sex due to Eve and our short refractory period, so no, you don’t have the history excuse.


Education is also a factor (actually IQ, smart women don’t divorce, slow to marry, K).


IQ is actually a bigger predictor of female divorce risk than sex.

A bachelor’s degree is a 40-point decrease in the odds of divorce over a high school graduate.

But sure, too many women in college, right?

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