Cognitive dissonance on Cultural Appropriation


Monarchy as the world knows it is a Western European invention.
Actors dressing like other actors is more of an issue to SJWs than parodying dead people publicly beheaded and a culture that was the topic of a genocidal war in recent history (as recent as black slavery). Non-whites want to dress up like us (Princess culture) but we can’t dress up like them… The definition of hypocritical. The men aren’t much better, appropriating Viking and Medieval martial cultures like they’re toys.

I included the picture where she holds a scepter, a religious symbol of a God-given Right to Rule. Any pleb holding that, even an Anglo-French, would be deeply offensive. Especially since GB is still under a monarchy.

Drink in this picture and try to count the things wrong with it.

The military medals, Royal seal and Victorian design of hoop skirt grate on me.

One response to “Cognitive dissonance on Cultural Appropriation

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