Video: Where do good and evil come from?

They are moral absolutes founded in religion.

I find it astounding how little self-awareness atheists display when they use those words, without a superhuman or divine arbiter. They don’t like the concept of a list they cannot edit, one with Encouraged (virtue) and Forbidden (vice).

The mere words themselves are religious.

The Good and the (D)evil.

They have no meaning as relative terms. It’s cute to see them try.
It’s as irrational as equating light and dark. One is the presence of bouncing photons, the other an absence. Nobody would mistake the two.

Humans are animals that may be noble. Morality is the lantern leading the way out of that primeval darkness.

Most supposed utilitarianism is incorrectly calculated. It is sum good over infinite time. As in, a perspective of low time preference, yet many examples you see falsely persist in giving short-termist examples. These short-term examples are, in fact, hedonic. They last as long as the feedback loop in the brain to motivate selfish action e.g. stealing food. OK, but what happens after? Once you are sated? These examples do not fit, they are not utilitarian, because true utilitarianism recognizes the ripple effect of long-term consequences. That is why Communism, while being collectivist and allocentric, is NOT utilitarian. Because it cannot be sustained without bloodshed and mass murder and rape. Communism is only utilitarian from the elite arbiter’s perspective. They’re literally playing God and this allows them, as human animals, to do great evil. See the connection here?

In case you think that was a petty example, the same holds true for atheist nations. They do not exist. They have never existed and sustained themselves. They are selected out by evolution, as was the neurobiology of faith selected for.

Nowadays we hear plenty of minority opinions as if they are fact. If they brought in direct democracy, gay marriage would have never passed in America. Many liberal causes are minority causes, they should be arguing against any and all utilitarianism.

4 responses to “Video: Where do good and evil come from?

  1. Don’t be astounded unbelief is widespread for all sorts of reasons.
    There should be no reason why an atheist could not stick to the Ten Commandments or any other set of values. I suspect there are a good few atheists who attend church and participate in its activities.
    Humans are animals that have eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that applies across the board regardless of belief.
    It is the Biblical way of saying man is a moral being like it or not.
    You and I can argue about the origin of this moral sense but to deny it would be foolish.
    I appreaciate your phrase ‘out of that primeval darkness’ its exactly as I see it; yet the tree in Genesis was forbidden.
    Oh to be a wolf or a tiger without this heavy moral weight on my shoulders. If only I didn’t feel guilty about not eating free -range eggs. I’m cursed with caring by Adam’s disobedience, or even if I believe in evolution by the event of self -awareness and hence self – judgement.

  2. My biggest critique of Utilitarianism is how many patches its adherents apply to it.

    Utilitarianism always results in 90% of the population enslaving the 10% – or raping and torturing them for hedons. So long as they receive more pleasure than the 10% loses, it’s a good trade for society; you can see this in action with the way we treat child stars, raising them up, then tearing them down for a blood sacrifice.

    This feels intrinsically morally wrong, so Utilitarians try and apply a “patch” to the problem, to remove slavery – but this patch doesn’t fix the underlying flaw, and soon enough another morally abhorrent situation is found, demanding another patch.

    They’re seeking after something supernatural, but trying to fit it into the natural world.

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