The rare times feminists hit on the truth

I wanted to give them a fair hearing. It’s like a tiny grain of sand within the pearl of lies. This refreshing collection took a while to add up.
I like to think of these as Original Feminists, back when they had standards that everyone held to.


Honestly folks, it’s that simple. The person committing the crime is the criminal! The innocent person is the victim!

The term comes from a guy who wanted to fuck his own mother so badly he assumed every other man in the world must too. Mummy Issues is a thing as much as Daddy Issues. Same for penis envy and womb envy, it’s two sides of the same coin. If one is valid, so is the other.


What often goes unmentioned is the reason for being gradual about it. The pure vitriol women get for putting down a gamma or lower upfront. Another aspect is how romantic relationships are not owed to anyone, and the bitchy type often lie in the beginning about their intentions (like some FWB women), amping up the friend element and leading into “we’re such good friends” and trying to segue into a girlfriend situation. As if we’re stupid.


Irony that it took a man to point this out.


It’s never ‘just a drink’. They think they’re buying you. Like a sex slave.
And they think you’re cheap.

At least whores are paid in cash, market rate, based on time and services rendered.
Hook-up culture is just hooker culture, fooling itself.


The intended purpose is to make you feel bad because they know you’re out of their league. They know they don’t have a realistic chance so it’s like long-distance negging to prop up their delusions of alpha maleness. Those aren’t men, they act like teenagers. As if feeling SMV-inferior around someone is an excuse to verbally abuse them, they don’t dare pull that on other blokes at the bar or start on women walking with men, weaklings. It came from black culture and it’s hostile there too.
On the flipside, sex attackers often start with a catcall to test the intended victim, to get her to stop, come over here out of public sight, tell him your name so he can stalk you or they get a simple thrill from making a woman fear them, however temporary. The best thing you can do is ignore them or laugh, and that’s why so many women wear headphones nowadays. You don’t give strangers compliments, ever. Women aren’t dumb enough on the whole to try but desperate men think it’s fair game to judge while they’re standing in the street like losers and in addition, they think it makes them look less desperate for any female attention (no).

Solution? If you must express appreciation, a simple, single wolf-whistle.
That’s it. No words. No words are needed and you’ll screw it up.


Literally me. Turns out they still blamed it on white men. For letting them in?


There is no continuum or scale. It’s have or have not.
Sex is consensual. Without it, that’s the crime of rape. Whatever the sex of the initiator, I might add.


There is a responsibility on men to know the difference between assertive and aggressive.
Former is romantic, latter is illegal (test: would you try those actions on a man who could physically equal you?).


They rape women in hijabs. They raped women in petticoats. That’s like saying never buy anything nice and expensive in case you get mugged or burgled, it’s no way to live. This is the First World and we all have the right to show skin (including topless men) without being stoned to death. The responsibility for self-control lies with the tempted party. Feral males need to stop blaming women for their own weaknesses. Note: women groping stranger men is also wrong, the other side of Eve Teasing.


Happened a lot during those days. Happens to this day when people have the excuse of alcohol (in studies, people act drunk with placebo drinks). They retain responsibility for their actions (including drinking within their limits) if they’re sober enough to enact them in the first place. Sober enough to do it? Sober enough to know better. Grabbing and kissing someone who isn’t interested ain’t right. Being in a club isn’t an excuse either, you wouldn’t be able to behave like that in a brothel ffs.


Men can handle rejection as time saved. Boys take it personally.
Men have more experience of interpersonal rejection than women, usually. However, they also have more interpersonal opportunities as the approaching party.

means out of your league

I’ve heard some lower status men dispute the existence of leagues.
The veiled term men use for a woman out of their league is ‘high maintenance’, among others.


Includes all belief, including political.
from the “You can’t call her Bruce!” pronoun people


Men say they’d be totally fine about male objectification until it happens.
Then they point and shriek like banshees because it makes them feel insecure…..
….. and how do you think we feel?

Get over it, like we do. Woman up. Stop taking it so personally. We probably aren’t comparing you to underwear models, because let’s face it, you’d lose.


Another stellar example of “You’re proving our point for us.”

We predict you’ll do XYZ when we use the male trigger word ‘misogyny’ in any context.

*XYZ happens*

Told ya so. 

Quit being so bloody predictable, if you didn’t feed them with instances of trolling or insults, they’d fizzle out and get real jobs.

Misogyny has recently made otherwise sensible men a laughing stock in the public eye, it practically makes them foam at the mouth whatever the bones of the argument being discussed. They lose it. Aren’t they meant to be the rational ones, as they claim?

4 responses to “The rare times feminists hit on the truth

  1. About that picture, “V-J Day in Times Square, of the sailor” ‘sexually assaulting’ the woman, well, that, too, is made up by feminists.

    Googling Greta Zimmer Friedman, you find HuffPo and other opinion pieces, and one interview. There are no primary sources. According to Wikipedia, three different women, including Friedman, came forward.

    Friedman and George Mendonça were guests of honour at one celebration. If the claims of sexual assault were true, Friedman is sitting next to her sexual assaulter, conversed with him, and joked with him. Doesn’t sound like behaviour someone would do to their attacker.

    Pro-black girl’s post is misleading. Those behaviours aren’t really abusive, unless the boy is physically hitting or punching the girl. Usually girls that young aren’t afraid of pushing back, either. It’s not at all romanticizing abuse. If that is the case, rough and tumble sports are abusive to growing bodies, hence the argument that it’s better for kids to be inside.

    Unless, of course, problackgirl is talking about the men of her own race. That’s a different story.

    I don’t know a single man that would cat-call BabyZuko. Her weight could crush their dicks.

    Men and alcohol – I agree an extremely drunk man is out of his mind, but I don’t see anything wrong with a man buying a woman a drink, especially if she agrees. Similarly, if there is a very attractive man in said bar, women will try to ply him with drinks or attempt to pick him up. In some cases they end up sleeping with him and end up dumped afterwards, wondering why they were dumped when the man clearly had no intention of being with her.

    Equifinal – why are girls in a men’s shower room? Why are women? You wouldn’t want a man in a women’s shower – oh wait, we already have that. Transgenders and all.

    I would venture that if that sailor was indeed forcing himself on that woman, one of the other sailors/vets would have noticed and would have pummeled him. 1940’s women shouldn’t be underestimated; especially the nurses. They know how to handle men and were not afraid to voice their minds.

    Plus, articles from ‘Selective Blindness of Rape Culture’ celebrating Mattress Girl is suspect.

    • Look at his hand, it’s positioned similar to a headlock. If you get a man to re-enact it, that’s almost impossible to orient out of considering how off balance her centre of gravity is in being flung backward. Maybe she realized later she didn’t care, but the posture itself looks forced.

      • According to the photographer who took the photo, the sailor was kissing everybody. Also, it’s mentioned that he was not that drunk.

        In any case, I wouldn’t say that was sexual assault. Like I said, she was with that guy on a celebration parade years later.

        There are also a group of women behind them; I would suspect their faces would be much different if they suspected anything wrong.

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