Video: When the Left loses it

h/t mina smith

It’s the same insanity you can read about in The Little Black Book of Communism.

show off smug arrogant preening vain dorian gray posing

We’ve always been here, watching, waiting. Knowing with a certain black dread that things must get worse before they get better. Is that prideful? Doubtful. We dragged our heels for centuries hoping the Left could be reasoned with, we gave them plenty of time. Unlike the Left, we hardly pretend to have secret knowledge like their cults, we distribute information freely, that’s why the Internet took off the way it did and remains a superior resource. Our resource abundance is knowledge.

They prefer quantity over quality and this is why they lobbied for democracy until their social engineering caved in on them from poor design. To the Right, it seems fair and natural to let the best person for the job, have it. To the Left, they assume the qualified must have cheated and cannot stand to think a single person in the world, ever, was innately better than them, at any-thing. It is an insane premise. In a word, the Leftist creature is slothful, they spend their time concocting excuses for their personal failure. It can never be them, they are but a victim of the system and most conspiracy theories are founded on such singling out, as if they are special. The Hero’s Quest metaphor appeals to them because the hero needn’t do anything to qualify, they are simply plucked from obscurity and lead a rebellion. A juvenile view of improvement and progress. They firmly believe leaders are exempt, and don’t physically fight for what they believe in too, and dig down further, pretend it’s an intellectual choice, that violence is beneath them. Delusions, again.

They have a rampant inferiority complex, and must oppress others from success to maintain their self-image as cursed. After all, if somebody else has succeeded, what does that say about them? A single success shines brightly and casts them in shadow. It is proof of what is possible.

The so-called anti-fascists want an excuse for violence, to solve their problem of opposition. They plot from common verbal shit-stirring to physical provocation, to claim victim afterward. They hate being recorded or filmed because their trust funds might be affected. We’ve known this for a long time. Look back through time, who triggers the majority of riots except the losers with no prospects. They have delusions of grandeur and while unwilling to run the show (eek! responsibility) they will demand control over it. The MSM lie but the papers are dying. The Alternative Media have the critical advantage of the truth. Soon enough, the Left will do such a fine job of eating itself we need only rally the sane people behind our banners and step over their corpse of an argument to pick up the reigns. They are incapable of creation or rebuilding.

I love Irish accents, so homely.

Naturally, it won’t be as simple as I state, but there is a certain ennui about the pendulum swinging back. They can sense it. You can overhear them in special places reacting to the news, “No, this wasn’t supposed to happen”, “It can’t be, it must be a joke” and “How can we stop this without looking like we’re doing anything?” I don’t think they’ll try for mass murder without some kind of signalling first, join this, sign this or else. They’d rather shoot the golden goose than let anyone else have it, the idiots.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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