7 responses to ““Who is Roosh V”?

  1. Roosh has grown and change his mind. You emphasize traditional sex roles, and yet personify the feminist need to castrate men. A woman doesn’t win argument with such brash rudeness; crassness is how she loses herself.

    • Roosh isn’t traditional and he behaves like a teenager, not a man, as I have pointed out. In a traditional society he’d be in prison under seduction law.
      Oh, you can’t refute my points so you insult my person, how gamma/SJW to resort to ad hominem. I haven’t insulted all men I insulted one male, based on a plethora of evidence from the horse’s own mouth, quit being a bitch about it when you know full well the difference of one vs all. The attempted insult of feminist doesn’t work on me either, because I know for a fact it would never apply. Insults only stick when there’s something to stick to.
      He’s going to my continent and ruining the people he finds there. Those are my people, and you expect me not to care? Oh, I’m supposed to sit back and watch because he can spin a yarn? He uses the right trendy buzzwords? What about sexually targeting women of my race, hm? What’s the difference between him off the plane and some randomer off the boat? There isn’t one. Europe isn’t his or any other foreigner’s brothel. You can use any other part of the world for that and I don’t give a damn (as I have also explained) but not my kin. We’re already at existential risk and any enemy has to go. This goes for corrupting the men with his Americanisms that don’t hold literally anywhere else. America is the hub of modern degeneracy and we don’t need any of that influence, thank you very much. We actually have a history to draw upon, one with Spartans and Vikings. Men of action. We would like some peace in finding this again, and you did fight a war to reinforce the distance between us, things are hard enough without some Yank thinking he can order us about. If his services are required, fix American men first and let us see the results. If he cannot fix his own, he is useless to us. Truth is, America made it clear they don’t want him, so why should we take him? We don’t owe him a visa, he’s a drain.
      As for his personal growth, that doesn’t change a person’s past. We go by reputation, which is based on history. It’s ingrained in our culture, the fresh start blank slatism is American. We are class and honour bound. What we see is an ethnic and cultural foreigner seeking to impose his beliefs on us like a dictator at a time when we already have Barbarians at the gate and the economy crashing around our ears, we don’t have the time to be patient and deal with him the nice way of Good Times Past and if he keeps visiting Europe and imposing his presence on us, mark my words when I say he will get a shock when this comes to blows. There is a news blackout and none of you abroad have any idea what’s really happening but I’m one of the privileged few with this information and I’m actually doing damage control, I don’t want to see the idiot hurt, unless he keeps pushing it, in which case stupid is as stupid does, I tried. To make matters worse, he wants to treat white women like whores when our fertility rate is already the lowest and we require as many fit mothers as possible. Yet he happily ruins these women and has the brass cheek to go on about a healthy society. A change of heart is fine in the teens and maybe early 20s but he’s in the late 30s and nobody buys it. We can see that he’s only changing the colour of his coat because he sees another side starting to win the battle and he wants to jump right in at the end and claim the spoils.
      For other terms that fit, since the manosphere loves pulling up SJWs on the dictionary:
      You might not believe me now, but you will look back on this and know I am the lesser of two evils, as it were. Europe is about to get very dangerous and if I weren’t bound here by loyal ties to my country I would have fled with many smarter people from my past too. A man of his… swarthier looks, will be lucky if he survives with minor injuries in certain places, and more places are going That Way every week. Don’t believe me? Wait and see.

    • He has committed numerous crimes against our cause and should have already been sentenced to the harshest death penalty imaginable. Besides, he is not one of us. He’s a sand nigger, in the truest sense of the word.

      • I worry he’s a very easy target to a lynch mob the way Europe is going, I don’t think the Americans realize what we look like when truly angered. He should answer for his actions but events are going like that anyway, but if I were a brown man, I’d stay the hell away from Europe and hide out in Brazil or Asia.

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