Some manospherians throw rattle from pram “the Alt Right is run by cucks now”

Bitchy gossip post. Them’s fighting words. And who doesn’t like Counter Currents?!

Why is this happening? Why the massive bitch fit?


The crime?

  1. Defending (traditional) women and
  2. rejecting degenerate (cad) men!

[aka as you might recognize, those are the actions of a Patriarchy]

[do they even history]

It isn’t the male equivalent of the Black Panthers. And if white pride is such a terrible thing, isn’t being proud of your manhood that much worse? As the more common thing, that you also had nothing to do with? Hell, at least white people are dying out, and stand for something as a culture. There is no singular Male Culture. The divisions between lone men are greater than their similarities, as with women.

They’re trying to signal that defending (ANY) woman against (ANY) man makes you a Bad Man and it is shameful. It is beta. It is basement-dwelling loser… #irony

They’re subtly calling for a Brotherhood in the same manner as feminist attempts for a Sisterhood, both with the same aim, to control members of their own sex that run against individual and collective long-term interests. Sisterhood cries failed and so will this one.

It turns out they’re just as bitchy and gay (fight with words, ooh well hard, handbags at dawn) when it comes to male rejection too, but they have so many opinions on masculinity and what makes a man alpha. Meanwhile, in the Military..

eyeroll marilyn monroe rlly really uhuh hmmm oh

Apparently, anyone who sides against them (and Roosh, again) is feminist (coulda fooled us) and wrong (and also probably secretly evil).


What non-sequitur? Ad hom, never!

So many SJW tactics, like presuming personal guilt and fault for dissent, even opposition to blatant entryism, crying victim and currying sympathy (like a girl) etc, but I’ll let you see for yourselves. I find it especially delicious how they’re trying to weaponize the insult ‘cuck’, against the Alt Right, when the term and usage as a modern insult was … invented by…. the Alt Right.

omg shut up stupid dumb idiots argh ahhhh hiddleston facepalm deep blue sea

It’s like calling a porn star a slut. And they’re even playing the ‘You a Mean Ol’ Racist!’ card, as well as the ‘Far/Extreme Right’ card, to excuse the way they’re sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to listen to the totally valid reasons, which is… so many things…

Do they want a nice little safe space set up with Roosh-approved goodies? He should set one up, and those nasty little feminists can’t come in. Put a neat sign on the front with No Girls Allowed scribbled in crayon and continue to ignore the fact that plenty of feminists are men.

I’m posting these for posterity, there are probably more links but I cba to search, use your Google-fu. I don’t think you should watch them but it’s your life, your time. I’ve simply stopped bothering keeping up with much of the dramu, I think they enjoy the attention like that one girl who always wore low-cut tops with her huge knockers. There’s right of reply and then there’s tantrum-throwing. I’ll let you decide.

“You’re all a bunch of cucks and I’m frankly embarrassed to have been associated with you. I’ve seen the ‘edgy fash’ adopt SJW thinking, adopt SJW arguments in their rush to condemn one man.”

They’re out-grouping themselves better than we ever could.

When it comes down to one man or your principles, which would you choose?
Especially if that one person was not a part of your ingroup in the first place?
And espoused views that cause active harm to your ingroup? And profits from these without shame?
They cannot think like wolves. They think all the men should get along and sing the Party Line like kumbaya – cos that’s what Alpha Men do….

6m: “This obsessive hatred of Roosh did not really begin until all of these women suddenly started entering the Alt Right.”

don draper crying baby wah wah wah

It’s like watching someone lose a popularity contest. “He’s the only person that was more popular than me.” ~squee barely contained~ How many of their readers hide behind avatars? Come on. It’s basic SJW-proofing. If you’re dumb enough to waive your legal right to privacy, come on. Dissent isn’t White-Knighting. There aren’t any specific women TO White Knight. It’s about the principle, idiots. Standards. We have standards and you don’t meet them, you can’t come in. Well, you can try but expect more butthurt. The AR’s defining trait is its humour and it takes years to acquire it. You don’t pass and the manosphere and AR are not comparable in the way they operate. “The digital equivalent of a cock-tease.” The entitlement savours bitter. The redpill women talk among themselves mostly, but he wouldn’t know that, probably basing his opinions largely on Reddit (plz, ladies, contain your laughter). “They were basically just putting on a porno show for titillation.” Now you may laugh.
Re the Alt Right: “To get a pat on the head from their precious white whores.” (12m)  “They’ve probably sucked more black cock than Milo Yiannopoulos.” But he isn’t trying the SJW tactic of ad hominem and setting people against one another as a red herring for entryism, is he?

Wait, what? I thought… tease…. whores… what? Which is it?

This is a warning to the Alt Right – if you don’t get the uh, the divisive, gossipy women out of your midst, you’re gonna end up just like the manosphere.” If they’re such ‘simps’, why do you wanna claim membership? 
This weak blame shifting, finger-pointing is how you can tell he didn’t found the Alt Right, as he had the temerity to claim at the beginning. (FYI: When, where, which year, proof please). Women were here from the start and ignorance of this is very telling. Every nationalist or pride movement contains both women and men. There are plenty of female-specific memes and evidence of this, yet he knows of none of them. Almost like he’s new. We may have c–ts, but we don’t act like them. What’s his excuse?
Note the ressentiment of ‘it’s secretly the women and their Lilith magic!’ as if adult men aren’t responsible for their own opinions, much like Roosh isn’t responsible for his words coming back to bite him on the a-and I digress.

They all have the same line. I did that but it isn’t Me anymore. I turned my back on it, accept me. Sure, like a porn star marrying once her career is over. Your Trojan Horse has failed, deal. He finished by saying the phrase ‘rape hysteria’ and playing Damsel because all this attention is apparently a threat to them and their social circle. R-types.

“There really is no difference between you (Alternative Right) and the Social Justice Warriors.”


I guess it’s a coincidence that the manosphere supposedly burned down just as they left? They had nothing to do with that debacle, huh? On the off chance they did, however slim, why should any movement (esp. one gaining cultural ground) accept them? If you have to call your frenemies FBI provocateurs, what is there to take seriously?

“You are a cuck.” There isn’t a feminist definition of rape. They have many, they cannot agree, go look it up. There is a legal definition and a moral one (spirit of law). As far as tactics go, Cry Feminist! and bury head in the sand! is pretty low. ‘It’s because I’m a straight man!’ [see below] “This is a warning.”

They’re trying to divide white men from white women, as I predicted. Just like the feminists (broken clock) and the refugees (with gangs). They’re really predictable. The divisive tactic is a clear signal, like a red flare above the Titanic (EU). They refuse to stand against the men and instead ask the men to stand aside (as if they would).
White women undefended – easier pick-ings for rabbits.

If we’re so terrible, why does Roosh claim to live here?
Why does he selectively target white women?
None of this is addressed. None of the arguments or the evidence from the source itself.

I loved the bit where he called the TRS people morbidly obese, while sporting what appears to be a fine bosom himself.

Honestly, what did they expect? With any of this?

Sure, foreign man, take our women! Ruin them! You deserve it!

The broken logic strikes us as odd, I mean, you don’t have to be a brainiac to know that;

If playboy, not traditional.

Apparently, protecting your culture, race and vulnerable, good women makes you weak. #rabbitlogic #projection
And to correct this, one must be their version of ‘traditional’ by…. what, exactly, isn’t spoken aloud; we may infer it involves never marrying because the Devil is a female and dying childless after years of condomless yet sterile ‘sex’. Going by previous writings. But they claim to support Trump, the man who wants to protect America! #cognitivedissonancespecial

Except foreign Trump-a-likes, we presume they hate those guys/gals because they restrict access to the white women. La Pen, anyone? La Pen for Prez?

For the first five minutes he talks about music and Jazz (no really) and demonstrates severe ignorance of the product cycle (no I’m not explaining why, it’s obvious when you listen).

Aurini tries to take credit for coining the use of the word degenerate, btw.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

32:21 “First of all, I should be getting a penny for every time one of these guys says the word degenerate, because I’m the one that popularized that term in the modern vernacular.”

OT: As I said to Aurini myself on here;

ROK is as right-wing as Jezebel. They both post how to fuck around until the end of time with anything that stays still long enough and allay guilts over doing so.

I’m sick of writing about Roosh, I know he’ll get his. It’s a dull topic. Too many people are watching him. People with psychopathic patience and a knack for under-handed coincidences. #Scalia Hey, he admires the Dark Triad, right? What a way to go, as a fanboy.

It’s sweet seeing how they swarm to protect the honour (scoff) of this manly man who is strong and independent and don’t need no approval. Like a clique swarming over its Queen Bee.


Note: I said ‘some’. These are the actions of a few, loud individuals (acting like divas) and in no way impact the many good, non-PC polluted ideas swirling around. But this type, as mentioned, is trying so hard to hop the fence and play both sides for $$$$$$.

This whole thing is preposterous and very easy to fix. If Roosh is in the right (pun very much intended), he should sue the media outlets. If not, why not? That’s how outsiders see it. People who’d never heard of him before all sang that tune in my company.

Let’s see what he’d be up against, shall we?

As an aside, here’s a (warning: graphic) site detailing rape in America and what is looked for.

The slightest penetration of the penis with in the vulva … constitutes rape. It is not necessary that there should be complete penetration of the penis. Rape can be committed even when there is inability to produce penile erection.”

This law is precise and valid because many rapists, especially child rapists, as documented there (medically graphic), avoid complete penetration in an effort to avoid leaving forensic evidence. Strange how they have enough foresight and self-control to limit themselves like that. Why bring it up? This topic is pun-tacular.

He has explicitly mentioned this obscure behaviour, in one of his books at least, and the media and Reggie Yates called him out on it. He didn’t exactly deny it, but denied such a thing was rape. ~coughs forensics~

He calls it ‘diddling’ elsewhere e.g.

“When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in.”

Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t sue the MSM.

Riddle for the ages.

If real conservatives hate Lena Dunham for admitting to ‘diddling’ her own sister in her book, he can’t say it’s about his sex or race. QED.

The news is getting interesting when you can see past it

Bonus: Aurini’s speech, transcribed in block (not all, but the highlight reel of rabbity logic, bolded).

Why? The only people jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon are the player burnouts who destroyed the manosphere. There I said it. If they weren’t responsible, together they could reinvigorate it, yet they don’t….

Aurini: “Most people are too stupid to think for themselves. These people can’t think. The people writing these social scripts are very evil people. Most of the marriages were unhealthy in the 50s. People back then were miserable and being exploited. Most people are followers, you can’t do anything but exploit them. That’s the reality of human nature. The anger, the angst, the meltdown of the Alt Right? It is critical we start forming shadow networks. We need to form shadow networks and rebuilding societal institutions. We are going to need these networks. We are living in dangerous times. Be what Aaron Clarey pretends to be in public, hard-nosed realism. He is far too caring. I argue things are a lot worse. We are going to see more hostile immigrants to our countries. Not just a decline in European phenotype, but a destruction of a way of living. What’s going on with the Alt right? The manosphere, mens’ rights and PUAs, go back decades and it really started to gel on the internet. We were asking ourselves How can we get more sex? We spent all this time, talking, focused upon actualizing ourselves. Game, MRAs, MGTOWs. Are these women even worth dealing with, in your 30s? Hotbed of self-actualization. And then – the masses showed up. The hangers-on come in and these guys brag. They were deadly serious about this. Same thing with the MGTOW, pure egoism. Ego invested. Desperate for affirmation. Same thing happened with the libertarians. These movements, intellectual, avant gardes, we are the New Hippies, seeing the old system doesn’t work. Then people show up and wanna wear the clothing. That’s what is happening with the Alt Right, at present. The future of white people does concern me, so does Chinese people, Black People, the Red Man. [DS: virtue signalling anti-racism ew] It’s a bloody shame what happened, it was circumstance, a tragedy. These AR people are being reactionary because the present Narrative is very anti-white, explicitly. Reversed stupidity is not intelligence, flipping this and becoming a white supremacist is not the solution. This is just free market. If the Blacks were doing better, not destroyed by welfare, their murder rate would be a lot lower. [nobody tell him about Africa] That’s good for everybody. Free market economics. It’s not the upper class and the rich people stomping on the lower. More wealth equals more wealth. The 14 words coined by a Jewish pedophile who started the neo-Nazi movement, are not a solution. Reacting against anti-racism is not a solution, just a reaction, a product of manipulation. The MRAs are playing into this. Demand some equity. We now have constant monitoring of children, all children are the State’s property. We’ll hand them to a pedophile that works in CPS. With the manosphere, they’re angry at feminism, turn it into the anti-feminist movement. It was a truth movement opposed to lies. The new ones were anti-lie. The AR is anti-anti-racist which just turns back into racist. You get women entering and these chumps are very desperately sucking up. Entryists do what women will always do, trying to police the tone. Change the message. Neuter it. What are we seeing? Roosh is a degenerate, they say. Why? Cos he sleeps with women? Everybody you read over the age of 30 has slept with way too many women. Even in the priesthood, and half of them are. That’s the era we grew up in. Anybody that thinks for themselves figured out how to sleep with many women when they were younger. So if Roosh is a degenerate then so is everybody else! Quite frankly, unless you are a virgin… sleeping with a few women, it’s more disturbing. There’s an element of the Pharisee, holier than Christ. The teetotaller. Christ loved drinking. The teetotaller is holier than Christ. These guys denounce Roosh, for sleeping with a lot of women, so has everybody else, compared to anyone reasonable. It is jealousy. It is envy. The cuckold tries to control his wife, thinks she is a possession. The idea that Roosh is stealing women or tricking women, this is absolutely absurd. If you understand women, you realise women have free will, they have agency, you cannot steal another man’s wife. [He would say that, considering he committed adultery with the wife of his best friend. Look it up, he admitted it.] Yet ‘These People’ act as if that’s what’s going on. Oh look at Roosh, his parents come from the Middle East, he’s stealing all the white women. Completely ignoring what Roosh is actually doing [moved to Europe and targeting them knowing it ruins them], the stuff he’s advocating for. These people they are Johnny Come Lately. I said at the beginning we need to start forming shadow organizations, private economies, we need to start networking for survival. We have people who can help one another, mutual aid societies, nothing subversive. These people, in the Alternative Right? They wanna form Brownshirt organizations. [proof? what defamation, Godwin?] We don’t need Brownshirts. You know who does? The SJWs. They are the modern Brownshirts. We don’t need people smashing glass in Jewish businesses. Democrat Jews are atheist, pretend they’re not white, they feel the White Guilt, these AR cucks want this easy enemy to hate to blame everything for. That guy stole my wife from me, no, you pushed her away. You’re pathetic. The paper alphas from 5 years ago are now prancing about (mocking voice) traditional man, ugh, it’s absolutely absurd. No, you’re not a traditional man you’re a wiener. You’re dressing in drag, man. Putting on a brown shirt, parading around like a fricking Nazi, you’re no different than those people that put on fursonas and go and masturbate each other at conventions. Waking up involves punching through shame, it requires humbleness, what have I done wrong? What mistakes have I made in my life? Acknowledge those and look at that shame and admit it to change. Whereas these people don’t want to, I’m gonna blame somebody else. These are the natural followers [Plato’s, not Nietzsche’s slaves, actually], they demand you dumb it down, you simplify. Well who do they hate? They hate the original fans. All these movements, the masses show up and hate the founders. They wanna moderate the tone, make it more inclusive for the women in their midst, very thirsty, but clear and obvious enemy, opponent to blame. First order thinkers. Very simplistic. We need these shadow orgs. We are the cutting edge and wind up being hated. The Q How do we exploit these masses? I’m seeing we’ve failed multiple times, the manosphere allowed these dorky entryists [geeks before] and they took over the term. It’s ridiculous. Same with the AR, we had something really cool going on, these guys showed up with their neo-Nazism, now there’s a ridiculous civil war going on. Quite frankly, we are wasting our time even fighting this war. We need the shadow orgs. We need solidarity [and Boy Power!]. Do not attack on the Right. That’s precisely what the Alternative Right is doing right now. Attacking people on their own side, how do we take advantage of these people? SJWs are the main group, Left-libs, moderates, toxic modernity, and the equal opposite counterparts in the AR and wherever. Just as desperate for identity as well. They go white people are great and all the other races terrible [HBD? Jaymans?] This is why we create shadow organizations. Not official, flying below the radar. Getting attacked does not serve our purposes [rodent noises]. Does not benefit civilization. Noise and fury, shooting each other over how deckchairs should be arranged. We’re worried about how the ship is sinking. [Pardon my French but you promiscuous fuckers are blowing holes in the boat] These egoists are 90% of society, welcome to the sinful nature of humanity. Ultimately we want to create norms that make them productive. Have those stupid debates in the newspaper, we want to be creating that new culture that creates a new politics 20 years from now. [what sedition? neomasculinity says what?] This is a long term project we’re on. We’re gonna have the idiots that are SJWs and AR [what narcissism?] deal with it. The issue is the elites have shirked, they’re Luciferians, promoting social destruction, sick and twisted as everybody else [cants]. Create culture and structures to guide these people, we do not want to be fighting these people. It’s a waste of our time. We need to be helping each other. [awww] Deus Vult.”

Sell-out! They cry. As he signals to us, after saying we’re many bad things and should be exploited.

obsessed with me mean girls regina george

Anonymous beat you to it, btw. And you’ll never infiltrate Anonymous or beat Them at that game. Pinching my tactics (poorly) is quite naughty, from the bloke who tried to run a spanking roleplay session with me.

comeback required kilgrave  game moriarty manic

9 responses to “Some manospherians throw rattle from pram “the Alt Right is run by cucks now”

  1. It’s OK. Aurini knows all the keyboard shortcuts.

    IIRC, I remember seeing a comment by Sargon (now a money-grubbing manwhore) that Aurini likes diddling children. Don’t got the facts, but that’s a severe accusation.

  2. Haha, I’m on the mailing list of a few of these manosphere bloggers, and there was a recent post from one of them with a very ‘Why all the hate, bros?’ tone to it. What I find so grating about these guys is that they actually offer a valuable anecdote to the anti-white male hysteria these days, but that all gets shit on by their pontificating on women, which seems to fall into one of two extreme categories, that of the scheming vaginal conquistador or a barely concealed disgust for Eve the Despoiler.

  3. Pingback: This is an example of what I mean...

  4. It’s sad how the manosphere has been made mostly irrelevant, but that’s because all of their good observations have been adopted by everyone else. They’re still doing good work: less than a year ago Roosh destroyed the term ‘good women,’ by arguing that there are no good women, only women who haven’t been allowed to be bad. Now this is cannon even among NRx and WN types, especially jim’s blog. Heck, Anglin has adopted that as his official platform on the women question.

    These guys do provide valuable lifestyle advice. If the alt lite gets them in the door, the manosphere walks them past the lobby. Their view is flawed and incomplete, but they can provide a basic education, and improve the quality of our people. These guys won’t organize anything political, but they never set out to do that.

    These guys are good for advice on how to buy a car, run your work life, and have a girlfriend. They never claimed that they could do anything more. The left has sabotaged our society so much that this really is necessary.

    • No good women is black pill nihilism to prevent guilt at ruining women, it’s just flipped SJWism. Player burnout mostly applies to degenerates and Americans.
      I know good men and good women. It isn’t hard. They can’t get in with such people, a sign of their quality.

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