Data Drive: Food shortages, famine, starvation coming to the UK, Europe

It’s that time of year again when I dust off my cheeky beret and pull up some information you probably didn’t know but I have (been operating on) for some time. Use this information responsibly.

cool mocking shades yes peace

I heard Stefan say something quite genius. Diversity + Proximity + Welfare State = Civil War.
When you reward people for lacking local adaptations (think bears feeding themselves), things go bad, quickly.

Today’s topic: FOOD. We all love it, we all need it to love. What an ironic solution to the obesity crisis a sudden shortage would be, whether from GMO crop failure (supposedly impossible) or overpopulation (the sustainability you must never discuss).

Who is the canary in this particular coalmine? The elderly.

Wouldn’t you know it? They’re starving.

Warning, 2006:
Happening, 2015:
They starve at home and then the hospitals, the socialists in the NHS medical system, help them along. People who paid into it since its inception.
Gotta keep those costs down somehow right? It isn’t as if they’re producing anything anymore and the Government has all those unfunded pension schemes. Elderly abuse by the very people with the power to criminalize such things as trivial failures of their rigged tests (warming a teapot is a sign of senility, you lose your legal agency and financial assets) and claim abuse by any private citizen, without right of reply or seeing one’s accuser, even when the victim is a foreign citizen, they abuse their human rights and get paid by the baby they immediately deliver to the State you see. Real-life child snatchers. Do you trust these people?

“Critics – including family solicitors, MPs and midwives as well as the wronged families – report cases where young children are selected, even before birth, by social workers in order to win the bonuses.

More chillingly, parents have been told by social workers they must lose their children because, at some time in the future, they might abuse them.”

Secret courts in a First World country. ‘Adoptions’ ‘cannot’ be overturned, humane right of appeal is lost. It is the same with the Care Pathway aka letting sick people starve to death in a hospital. At least the Nazis made it quick.

Let’s look for a better resource, say, the Government? Yes? We agree this one is valid?

“But although the UK has a thriving farming sector – it exported £12Bn of food and drink in 2007 (ref 2) – Britain is not self-sufficient in food production; it imports 40% of the total food consumed and the proportion is rising (ref 1). Therefore, as a food-trading nation, Britain relies on both imports and thriving export markets to feed itself and drive economic growth.”

“Behind the always full-looking supermarket shelves lies a supply chain that is sensitive to economic and environmental events.”

Pressures on the UK’s ‘food security’ are here to stay. Increasing global population and changing consumption patterns are increasing demand for foodstuffs and contributing to upwards price trends. However, the threat to UK food security could be more serious should increased global demand combine with other potential problems.”

Bluetongue virus is a possible vector discussed for future famine.

“If bluetongue struck along with another disease, one that struck wheat for example, the combined effects – bad but manageable individually – could be disastrous.”

Thank God that hasn’t happened, eh chums?

“Unfortunately, such a species has emerged. The Ug99 strain of the ‘stem’ or ‘wheat rust’ fungus was first found in Uganda in 1999 (from where the Ug denomination originates) and has since spread to Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and across the Red Sea to Yemen and Iran (ref 8).”

Why do these places always pass it on to us?

“Another problem we share with other food-producing nations is a worrying decline in the populations of insect pollinators, such as bees, moths and butterflies. In the UK, bee populations have fallen by 10-15% over the last 2 years. Declines have also been seen in Europe and North America.”

“Therefore, the UK’s food security issues affect the world, just as the world’s issues affect the UK.”

2014 paper on food security.

Click to access 243.pdf

2008 Soil report presented.

” Although UK self sufficiency levels are declining from highs in the 1980s, by recent historical standards they are not unusual: the UK has depended on food imports to meet the needs of its population for more than a century. Although the UK is more dependent on food imports than some comparable EU countries, 68% of its food imports come from other EU states. The EU as a whole has a high level of food self-sufficiency, though soya products, for feed and food ingredients, are a notable exception. The EU both governs the degree and forms of government supports available to food producers and regulates the standards of food produced and consumed within the member states. The EU provides an important context for any rethinking of national food supply and policy action.”

Posted without comment.

“Recent debate has explored the ‘resilience’ of the food supply — its ability to prevent, withstand and recover from serious shocks. This report suggests that contingency planning is inadequate to the challenges now facing the food system, presented here as the New Fundamentals.”

Nothing to see here.

Well, you might reasonably ask, how long have they known about this issue?

1940. NineteenFourty.

oh shit omg what is this

Yes, this is deliberate.

Global food shortage, Putin warns.

“Recent studies have suggested that the world will need to produce twice as much food by 2150 as it does now, as its growing population is expected to reach nine billion by that time.”

Global food shortage could be behind the influx of migrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera ahead of his visit to Milan’s exposition “Expo Milano 2015 — Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

Search for the term ‘food crisis’ and have a good laugh.


“The International Development Committee warned that the UK is “never more than a few days away” from a significant food shortage and called on ministers to act to improve food security.”

“It also warned that the rising world population, expected to increase from 7.1 billion today to 9.3 billion by 2050, will continue to heap pressure on food security. Wider schemes by DfID have made significant efforts to improve women’s reproductive rights but there is still a “great unmet need for contraception”, the report said.”

There it is.


“The Food Standards Agency stressed demand for food supplies would rise as the world’s population spirals from seven billion now to nine billion by 2050.

It certainly isn’t overpopulation of Europe. We’re the only dropping continent.

This increase could weaken resilience in the food supply chain with the potential to entrench a global food security crisis,” the FSA told a Commons inquiry.

Nothing to worry about then.

As the UK is not self-sufficient in terms of food production, global food supply issues have the potential to impact on UK consumers, for instance increasing the incidence of food  poverty within the UK.””

“The CLA organisation, which represents 33,000 farmers and landowners in the UK, stressed that nearly 70 per cent of our food imports currently comes from other EU countries.

Of course, the EU will never collapse suddenly under the weight of its own ego.

They warned that if severe food shortages developed European countries could take “protectionist” action, so contingency plans might be needed for dealing with a breakdown of the EU single market.”

The Result?

The Two Rs.

Rations and later, Riots.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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