Article: Was Hitler a Darwinian?

Was Hitler a Darwinian? No! No! No!

Richards’ essay on Hitler calls into question the entire enterprise of stigmatizing Darwin’s theory of evolution with the term “Social Darwinism”.  It’s not as if evolutionary theory has never been used to justify unethical practices. Any idea can be used for good or bad purposes. What’s wrong is the claim that evolutionary theory is somehow especially prone to misuse or was misused in specific cases such as Nazi war policy. We owe a debt of gratitude to careful scholars such as Robert J. Richards for setting the record straight.


Immediately, one of the biggest critiques of HBD and associated information, based on Godwin’s Law, is rendered null.

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2 responses to “Article: Was Hitler a Darwinian?

  1. One of the things Hitler and his pals did was associate themselves with a lot of mysticism: aliens, UFOs, whatever. Plus, they didn’t even advocate Aryanism. It was Nordicism, because ‘Aryan’ is a broad term, as I’m sure you know. Iranians and Hindus have used that term for thousands of years.

    Likewise, eugenicism didn’t start with the Nazis. Every race has used it, and it’s still more or less used. The Chinese used it extensively and still do, especially with the Han’s dominance. East Asians are quite comfortable with it; they don’t react negatively to it like Northern Europeans do.

    The many wonders of HBD.

    • Aryan is indeed too broad.
      They weren’t Christian, far too heavily into Eastern stuff, the swastika was proof.
      It wasn’t even eugenics, they didn’t encourage the best Germans, or the best Europeans and beg them to come to Germany, they just assumed they were the best, which is one error, but then used it as proof to dominate and demean everyone else, which led to their downfall.

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