The real Millennial Woes – student debt, homeless, priced out of parenthood and no pension

I will cover the last two here because tuition and Generation Rent you already know about (or you can look up).

They’ve been raised on the statist teat since nursery school – why change now? I keep trying to draw attention to how Gen Y is uniquely being fucked over but few people seem to be listening. The result will be the hardest of redpill resets but I’d rather avert disaster personally. Every single time I say something, I get the blithe reply But The Government Wouldn’t Lie to Us! Like tripling tuition when they promised they wouldn’t and the rich even got it for free, you mean? Those people? Beautifully, they’re using SJW logic against us, their Party Line on cuts has been ‘If it can’t be Equal, it will be scrapped.’ Think on that.

Gen Y will not retire. You think you will, but unless you’re rich, you are wrong. They haven’t explicitly promised us anything, have they, it’s obfuscation, smoke ‘n mirrors to pay into the Boomer’s pot. I can see it now…

First they ‘warn’ us about age hikes, then when we near that age they pull the rug out and say ‘there’s no money left’ like they aren’t sitting on a gold-plated pension themselves [Merkel] and shrug with open hands they recited as a gesture of honesty as they blame ‘the stock market’ they chose to invest the pension pots into. At this rate, you’ll be able to cash it in for 6 sunny months at a reduced rate before doing your civic duty and dropping dead. Maybe if I cite the Guardian enough times the Lefties will finally fucking listen?

“The new review, led by John Cridland, the former head of the CBI business group, suggests this timetable could be speeded up even further so young and middle-aged workers will have to wait even longer than to retire. The Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that on current trajectories of life expectancy, the rate could reach 70 by the mid-2060s.”

Average lifespan of men is about 73.

Long slow white genocide in progress, creating conditions where raising a healthy nuclear family is practically impossible. Clarey once covered how the American education system screws over women during peak fertility but our system is much, much worse.

Jealousy towards baby boomers is an everyday occurrence. You’ll be sitting in a bar with friends and hear them lament the fact that their parents had bought a house by the time they were 27. “My mother had already had me and my sister by the time she was my age,” one friend said gloomily when the subject came up. Generation Y – or millennials, if you must – are still often portrayed as existing in a state of perpetual kidulthood; we’re Peter Pans who never want to grow up. Yet many of us are desperate to do so.”

Everyone I spoke to for this article felt a responsibility not to bring children into an environment that was economically precarious; but I wonder how long people are willing to sacrifice future parenthood because of this. If we all go ahead and have babies anyway, what will be the consequences for the state? It’s ironic that a government so ostensibly dedicated to notions of “family” is giving little help to those who desire nothing more. Communal living is already a reality for many people, as overcrowded houses and boomerang children demonstrate. Do we all just need to learn to live with other people’s babies?”

I hope this clusterfuck comes crashing down soon, it can’t happen soon enough for Gen Y. Sub-replacement fertility is indeed a ticking time bomb, but we didn’t build it, fuse it, or set it. Those currently in power did!
All the responsible couples I know can’t even afford to get married, let alone breed. And the Governments have the temerity to say it’s our fault (when there are record-high taxes on the poor) and we must bring in immigrants? Must, really? And why can’t we put those resources into our own people, eh?
This is why Europe’s below replacement level. Personal debt. Quit blaming us for the system Baby Boomers and Gen X fuckwits voted in. They say they care, but they continue to push up rent costs, don’t they? I know people being charged rent by their own nouveau riche parents. Parents who then go on to pester them about… you guessed it, marriage and grandchildren. What do they spend the money on? Cruises and skiing holidays. Fuck them and fuck this for a game of soldiers. All this on top of national debt. Which generation is paying for that, do you think?

TLDR: The European financial system has already crashed, we just don’t know it yet.

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