Link: Feminism as the death of self-respect

Yes, both sexes lack tradition.

The boys have gone from Patriarchs, fathers and respectable professionals to …well, none of those things, to put it politely. Women can’t follow until men lead. 

Where’s the dignity in this?

Nobody wants to put a ring on it, so in typical projection fashion the (low SES) blokes are pretending to be MGTOW and they wanna stay single forever (while whining about the lack of wife material). “If you don’t you’ll be alone, and like a ghost, I’ll be gone.” They’re slowly realizing with the internet access, women are seeing what they’re doing, discussing it and simply Nexting them.


Dignity, guys.

Young women have the power and they can’t stand it. I don’t know a single successful rich MGTOW, those ones don’t seem to have a problem finding a wife.
It’s simple, they want to be like a ghetto hood rat and have a harem of faithful women who treat him like a wife would, up to and including secured monogamy he refuses to provide, without him actually keeping them, like a wife (because he can’t, emotionally or financially). The growing number of conservative women are growing dating standards. Why else is the likes of Tinder over? Why are clubs closing? Where did the women go?
Men, ask yourselves, would you marry a woman that lies like that? Considering how sensitive women are socially, it’s amazing some men think their single activities, however egregious, will be given a Free Pass by women (no, that’s how men judge one another).

It’s a generational thing. The younger you are, the more conservative, and you could say there’s a Wife Strike.

“Women evolved to want effective men.” – Geoffrey Miller
If you’re going to abuse evobio, get the concept of fitness right.

“Women are disgusted by players because they have poor self-control and are not discriminating. They trade in a low-quality market.” discussion at same link, Trivers’ parental investment comes into play (the low investment are the r-types among us) as they have nothing material to offer, nothing special. (These people brag about being disposable, really interchangeable, it isn’t the female’s fault for believing him).

The traditional women seem to be exiting the dating pool in a tidal wave, if you look closely. There’s a fair bargain struck.

Be the man or be gone.

Spoiler: Both of those songs are saying the exact same thing. Men have money, women have eggs. Hey, babies are expensive.

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