Being a good parent is bad for the body

Being a good parent will physiologically destroy you, new research confirms

The stress of it?

A team from Northwestern University has examined the hidden costs of parental empathy. They found that while the children of empathetic parents are better off physically and emotionally, the parents’ cells reveal chronic, low-grade inflammation. When their children suffer psychologically, empathetic parents’ immune systems take a hit.

…Children of empathetic parents also showed lower levels of inflammatory markers. Their parents were just the opposite. Their samples revealed this low-grade systemic inflammation.

3 responses to “Being a good parent is bad for the body

  1. In a World full of strangers
    At a time full of danger,
    We turn to face the little child,
    Small, weak, innocent and mild.
    We see now that the World’s so great
    It would dish her on its dinner plate.

    So the weak begin to fret
    And fret disease begets.
    The innocence they value so
    Will be torn, must up and go.
    They cannot let, at any cost,
    The sparkle in her eye be lost.

    But the World still turns today,
    Though tomorrow’s far away,
    Time cannot be held for anyone
    And leaves behind all and none,
    The sun will rise again somehow
    And all we really have is now.

    Better never care or cry,
    Place ice in the child’s eye,
    Let her see the World so tall
    And that she’s so very small.
    Let her learn that life is hard,
    Let her innocence discard.

    She shall not be one of them,
    Weakly fretting and again
    Bring round another little child,
    Small, weak, innocent and mild,
    Til to our ashes we all burn,
    From Man to Animal we turn,
    Sweet and gentle, dumb and meek,
    Scared and fretting, innocent and weak.

    • The key difference to this finding being that they intend it will put women off motherhood, they expect these findings will put the selfish off the sacrifice, as if it’s a bad thing to be selfless. They’re an odd lot.

      • Ah, but empathy and selflessness are not necessarily the same. Arguably the most empathic people on this planet care as much for a spider on their porch as for their dog as for their child. When their child feels sad, they find their mood lowering. When their dog is in pain, they wince and fret. In that sense, empathy is stressful. Yet I manage to feel very little (if any) empathy for most people every day of my life whilst still making sacrifices for them. It just means my sacrifices are calculated and targeted. Empathy does not beget sacrifice. Sacrifice does not require empathy. Loving someone is as much about displaying love as it is about feeling fuzzy inside, only that the former does the loved one more good than the latter.

        Sacrifice in all relationships is good. Love in all relationships is good. Empathy? I know I’m coming from a highly biased perspective, but: meh, overrated.

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