Roosh on the Alt Right in his own words

Based largely on:

First, the charge that he’s trying to ingroup (and profiteer) he doesn’t deny.

I’ve gotten messages from hundreds of self-proclaimed members of the alt right who say I can’t be “in” their movement, even though I have never contributed for an alt right site or spoken at one of their functions.

That isn’t how membership works, it’s ideological affirmation and using the term like one of the ingroup. Standing beside us, as it were.

The alt right has gone from a possible political alternative to a frustrated mob that wants to control the sexual choices of all men. With whom have we encountered that before?


He’s trying to pull a false equivalence between the Patriarchs and the Anti-Patriarchs. Logic is not his forte or he’s lying.

Feminism is a movement that aims to maximize female sexual choices while minimizing male sexual choice.

Let’s try this to see how the logic fits:
Neo-masculinity is a movement that aims to maximize male sexual choices while minimizing female sexual choice.
Behold, it fits like a glove!

The alt right started as a nationalist movement, and that’s what many people believe it to currently be, but we’re only three months away from it being a movement primarily concerned with minimizing the sexual choices of everyone. While feminists want to control how a man has sex, the alt right wants to control who they have sex with.

Standards apply to everyone. And he isn’t much about ‘sexual choice’ since consent is a meager theory and frankly, a joke to him, what with the fucking unconscious women (cannot consent), ‘diddling’ despite explicit verbal instructions not to and the Rapist’s New Clothing line of LMR.


Conflating the Cultural Marxists (SJWs) with people who are anti-CM (inc. the AR)…

He’s actually trying to gaslight men now, like that’s gonna work? Passing off women as overly-emotional (hysterical), perhaps it might work, but men? It’s almost like he doesn’t know what empathy level is normal for humans (more than zero). The big three crimes tend to elicit maximal disgust as social norm and gender role violations. Rape, for example, is classically worse a crime in men because of their role/duty as protector of women. Is the use of ‘mob’ grandiose or prognostic?


The cuck attempt failed, simple as. European Whites won’t be lectured by non-white degenerate, simple equation.He couldn’t slip into our ranks and this is his narcissistic rage coming out. Meanwhile his defenders can only play Battered Wife and defend him whatever happens, and say he’s Only Joking. He is attracted to white women but repulsed by white men, obviously the latter were gonna notice and figure, hey, he’s the enemy.


Back to the article, it makes you wonder why he lives in Europe if we’re so damn awful.

If the bulk of alt right practitioners have their way, white men will not be allowed to date non-white women and non-white men will not be allowed to date white women or even flirt with them. They will proudly boast of these sexual rules, not knowing that they morphed into a white pride version of the incel forum PUA Hate.

Wow such outgrouping. I guess since we’re like SJWs he won’t want our evil whitey protection if they come after him again? He’s on our land. Will he hide behind another (white) bodyguard in bravery? I pray he remains in Europe, he’s a form of entertainment that can only end in disaster.

I think of this whenever I see a mob baying for blood online

Someone who repeatedly calls for the rapacious sexual appetites of sex-positive feminism to be crushed by shaming has the gall to say this. Men must establish a moral standard for women to follow it, he thinks the sexes are atomized and there’s no (antisocial) ripple effect. Maybe in America, too degenerate to notice.

Once their sexual control objectives are reached, the alt righters will then move to controlling your friendly and casual relationships.

Oh, conspiracies. Being on friendly trade terms is hardly equitable to swapping DNA, is it? Having children, or, as he agrees, merely sleeping with them, since he believes in telegony. Note in the whole world full of women, he demands access to the white ones? He is almost having an infantile reaction to it, a tantrum. R-types don’t like being cut off. Why can’t he target the majority of (non-white) women instead? There’s a whole world beyond Europe. No, he wants the already a minority of White women for himself. He targets us specifically, a sexual racial discrimination (different from natural genophilic preference in that they discriminate against their ingroup).
Reminder, he said this.


The words of a traditionalist?

Miscegenation law (what he tries to disparage as mere ‘rules’) has a much longer history than the state of affairs now, and data such as the FBI rape rates (where the race realism kicks in) and records of domestic abuse showed a clear mixed-race relationship pattern of social danger. Law protects the meek and constrains the violent, that’s why he doesn’t use the term. The law doesn’t let you make stupid ‘choices’ like drunk-driving either.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask them these two questions yourself:

1. In your ideal nation, will white men be able to consensually sleep with non-white women?
2. In your ideal nation, will non-white men be able to consensually sleep with white women?

One. They don’t want to date other races if a white woman is available, look around at the data. Heartiste acknowledges mixing is for the desperate and low SES.
Two. The white women will be available to become wives/mothers if you a) quit brainwashing them with the We’re All Equal BS and b) prize the Cologne invader rapists off first, that is the meaning of Remove Kebab, mass immigration of hostile marauders is a genocidal selective pressure, by the very definition, it oppresses the native white peoples.

In a beautiful example of the obnoxious tone-deaf;

It’s clear to me that when PUA Hate shut down after Elliot Rodger’s mass murder spree, its thousands of members floated in the ether until finding a movement that would have them. That movement is the alt right.

When the SJWs come for him, nobody help.
Maybe they can bring out a new line of propaganda on the occasion.

SJWs mobs

Also, Elliot Rodger was mixed race, part of the reason for his cray-cray. He hated the fact he wasn’t white. He felt entitled to white women and this sounds familiar.

I must certainly be a rapist because of distorted out-of-context travel writing, an accusation which I unequivocally deny.

You wrote it, what a dumb motherfucker.
It wasn’t misquoted, we heard the full passage.

Only to a feminist—and now to an alt righter—is sleeping with a woman who consumed alcohol and consented to sex considered rape.

He doesn’t understand consent law, why am I not surprised? And consent isn’t a sexual term either, it’s about any social exchange and a prime feature of contract law. Can you sign a legally binding document while drunk or is it contested? What dumb motherfuckers, or are they lying and think we’re that dumb to fall for it?

The terms vitiate consent and obviate consent spring to mind, I feel like he might hear them from a European judge one day (certainly America won’t want him back). I keep saying, PUAs need to look up local laws.

It turns out that homosexuals have some sort of perverse immunity in the alt right.

I’ve never heard of a gay bloke who targeted white women and raped them (alleged yeah whatever). He seems to take the solipsism route and assume this is about him as a person instead of his behaviour (what others judge without prejudice and how laws are written).

Brace yourself, another conspiracy.

From the rumors I’ve been hearing, a number of influential alt right members are indeed homosexual. They’ll go on and on about the Jewish question—and attack you if you don’t—but ignore discussion of the “homosexual question” and its role in wrecking societies. Now you know why.

That’s like saying Roosh likes wearing women’s underwear. Nobody is going to believe it, are they? I mean… that’s ridiculous, right?


The general AR opinion is that you can’t make them un-gay (inc. Germ Theory) so what’s the point of hating them? They can’t be part of the nuclear family but they can’t destroy it either, unlike Kebab.

The alt right is not serving the needs of men who don’t want their behavior controlled

They can go elsewhere. They’re free to leave. PLEASE DO. Go to your beloved Thai brides and ruin your own genetic line, if you want. That’s the point, free up space and resources here. They (people who won’t follow the ‘rules’, social norms etc.) just can’t immigrate here. No matter the visa source. Isn’t “the dystopian [sexual] standard of the left” promiscuity? Leading to… The inability to pair bond for a nuclear family?

Bear in mind, for all his racist! pointing, shrieking and posturing, he doesn’t want to mix with anything less than White women himself.
4. No blacks, Asians or Indians

Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern).” Wtf is it with PUAs and White Fever?

For that reason, I can no longer support the alt right, since they’re now mostly under the control of the mob.

But he said (up top), he inferred he was never In the Alt Right to begin with? Which is it, bitch?

He thinks the AR will

pull the switcheroo and grossly limit their behavior in a way that is worse than feminism

To a r-type, nothing is worse than telling them they can’t have their favourite toy. It’s the end of the world if you tell them the common sense truth: not all sex is good. They pitch a bitch fit at this. The STDs, social damage, single parents, abortions, addiction, rape/other crime, they will admit to these things but conspicuously fail to draw the obvious conclusion that the only thing distinguishing human society from our animal history is the limitation of sexuality. ALL sexual behaviour. A Patriarchy is the classic model of this, as adulterers for example, were stoned to death. Those charged with seduction were often hanged, sometimes castrated. No word on his opinion of real Patriarchy, run by fathers for the protection of families. 

He links to a video where he is quoted saying this and doesn’t deny it.

“I’m not white. Why should I care about the future of white societies?”

Remember that sentiment. Treasure it when he pops up on the news one day, savaged by SJWs. Well, his body maybe. Yet in spite of this apparent danger from Evil White Men and racist Europe, he wants to be here. He wants to be here, so don’t feel guilty when he gets to stay here a little longer than he planned.

He keeps trying to make a big deal out of all this. The whole world is against him now! Europe = whole world. International – yet he refuses to leave the places that are apparently hostile to him. Places he requires a visa to visit. Rabbits lack common sense. If you cry wolf long enough one might eat you.

He goes on to try the Divide and Conquer again, to outgroup K-types against themselves.

The story of what happened to the alt right is the story of every single internet movement in existence: subversion.

Let me guess, he knows everything, right?
About a group he claims he never joined?

If an internet movement is decentralized and based on open admission [DS: yet rejected you?] from outsiders who can steer its direction, particularly women [one half of a traditional society] and homosexuals [only hurting themselves], it will fail [the SJWs seem to be fine]. That doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect upon society, but it will fall very rapidly after its peak. [decades and counting] The alt right likely peaked with introducing the term cuckservative in terms of mainstream influence.

We all know that’s a lie. He idealized us and now, like a narcissist, he devalues us. Yawn.

He’s trying to cuck us and say “Let’s you and them fight.” We haven’t fallen for it. He’s an adult in his late 30s. That’s just sad. His definition of violence against himself btw, is the laughable time a feminist threw a drink on him. He called that ‘violence’. I don’t mean the glass, I mean poured the drink within onto him. That’s how rabbity this degenerate is.
I mean, he gets his totally objective boyfriend to attention-whore and bellyache about What a Nice Guy He Is, Really. That’s one pozzed dildo, to reference the most topical meme.

Another sign that the movement will stay limited is that it’s not getting more than indirect recognition from Donald Trump or his allies beyond a tweet or two even though they are his most rabid supporters.

Roosh is meanwhile still to influence anyone and crawls for Trump’s recognition like a mewling dog.
He really wants us to stop trying, huh? Then why try to ape us with his laughable neo-masculinity? Nobody owns such concepts, least of all a non-white degenerate.

Donald Trump is already considered “extreme” with his brand of nationalism,

by SJWs, nobody sane

so you would think that he would wholeheartedly reach out to the alt right and invite its leaders to speak at his rallies,

or reach out in secret and fish for ideas like a real politician

or at least thank them for their promotion of his candidacy,


but he’s doing nothing of the sort because the obsession with Jews, cuckholds, Nazi imagery, and rigid sexual controls for all men make them indigestible to over 99% of the population, even among traditional white Christians.

He thinks he knows how White Christians think.

For that reason, we may have to change their name to Alt Blight.

Is that a joke? Is that the best he can do?

I hate to point fingers, but some alt right leaders have caused the subversion of their own movement

No, he literally just tried to cuck (‘switcheroo’ himself in the place of authority of) the leaders of the Alt Right for ruining the Alt Right. You didn’t imagine. Meanwhile, he and his friends destroyed PUA and the manosphere, refuse to fix it. Or at least were all suspiciously present at the approximate time the ship sank…

by not staying on top of its direction and by succumbing or remaining silent to demands of the mob even though it conflicted with their own personal beliefs. They believed that their little meme-making Frankensteins would lead them to glory, but instead it will lead them to defeat. I can assure you that my movement, neomasculinity, will never sacrifice its ideals for a moment in the spotlight like the alt right leaders have done.

He has a serious Savior Complex. Photographic evidence included.


In fact, I’m making moves right now which remove us from the spotlight so we don’t unnecessarily expose ourselves to attacks by mobs.

Let’s get influence by hiding! – cults and cowards.
How long until a Fed tape surfaces to an SJW outlet, triggering an indictment, are we betting fellows? Who takes a losing bet. Imagine how illegal the things he wants to say (too much for his current blogs) must be if the First Amendment won’t protect him in public? All the Feds need is one witness for sedition. #supersaiyan

If he tries to hold these things abroad, where he is under different jurisdiction and laws, I don’t think even Allah could help him on that one. I do not envy the man who crosses Interpol, which has a rather large kebab skewer they are presently, angrily, in the process of removing.

He seems to confuse, in a delusion, All Men with just him. One male. He will be historically irrelevant and almost certainly childless, this too shall pass and with it self-importance (this mentality among of Stand For X as signs of a personality cult).
One does not equal all, as I told Aurini: “I haven’t insulted all men I insulted one male, based on a plethora of evidence from the horse’s own mouth, quit being a bitch about it when you know full well the difference of one vs all.” He isn’t even a man, he is a teenager in an adult’s body. Transagist, almost.

The alt right has a detailed 100-point plan for controlling your sex life and your friendships, solely based on your skin pigment, but much less on a nation’s political system, economic structure, relationship with religion, or even the most basic of social and reproductive policies.

No moral authority whatsoever. They know the words and not the music.

As for controlling people based on their ‘skin pigment’, Roosh has certainly lightened up over the years, along with his magically shrinking nose, he looks to be pulling a Michael Jackson. I don’t recall the part of the Bible where it said to not only allow invaders (especially of other religions) but also allow them to defile the local womenfolk.

In fact, the Bible I read say to only help foreigners so they might leave your company faster and never return. Unmentioned goes the punishment the robbers would face too. Elsewhere, the fornicators are forgiven on one basis – go forth and sin no more. Which religion is he reading? SJWs abusing the Bible for rhetoric don’t count as Christians. “The LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, A stronghold in times of trouble;” Who is the oppressed in Europe?

Back to the Alt Right

“Sexual frustration, resentment, low self-esteem, and jealousy are terrible problems to have”

as I’ve said “Oh, the classic refrain “They hate me, they must be jealous!” No. That’s literally never true. It’s a non-seq.” Let’s see how this neatly slots into projection.

  • Nobody is as sexually frustrated as Roosh, who can’t secure a White wife.
  • Nobody is as resentful as Roosh, who lives among us in Europe and can never be one of us.
  • Nobody has such low-esteem as Roosh, because obviously. He writes books about how great he is. Come on.
  • Nobody is as jealous as Roosh, who wants to prevent white women sexually selecting white men (as is their data-demonstrated natural preference) and vice versa (he’s telling white men to look anywhere but the West, while living here himself) and he will say anything to deter the white men from correcting the years of brainwashing that There’s No Such Thing As Race or he’ll be deported.

How’s that for media bias? He speciously concludes.

“I still believe that a form of nationalism is needed to defeat the liberal establishment that is run by sociopathic globalists

Nationalism is racial, dumbass. Do you even population genetics?

Encourage the stupid it will make less of them

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump turned on the likes of him once in power?
I mean, brings in new rape law to get a certain Clinton, for example?
It could happen.

Quit feeding this troll, good people of the AR, he’s a chauvinistic pig who enjoys rolling in his own shit. His traffic was down before he baited you there and he profits from traffic.

“How to get a lot of hits to your web site: criticize the alt right.”

Much better for people who dislike to gather reward money for any woman to come forward and give a legally binding account of his not-rape techniques in action.

One comment was amusing, total lack of self-awareness typical of narcissists.

“They’re all institutions and ideologies that weak men use to mask their failures.”

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

That’s all, folks. He’s so successfully outgrouped himself with this ovenworthy trash from anyone that might have protected him from being strung up on a lamp post one day that Machiavelli himself would almost be impressed by such an overt death wish and lack of social nuance. He’s thrown the insult book at us and (gasp!) told people to ignore us, because we’re mean to him what an obnoxious child. I bet he masturbates to his own traffic stats.

Our conscience is clear for the time this particular ‘Kebab’ is removed, he seems to like being called that, luxuriates in crass obscenity. Let him whine like a bitch and play Victim and sooner or later it’ll be true and nobody will come.
All this talk over one bitch dragging it out for PR, if he weren’t forcing himself on white women in their homeland, nobody would’ve cared to start with.

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  1. Roosh’s anti-AR argument in two sentences: “The alt right want to control you and restrict your freedom! Follow me to show you aren’t being controlled!”

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