Rosa Luxemburg, cultural marxist?

I’m not saying she was, but based on biography…

could predate the school. In some ways she sounds quite nice. I guess you can never know what someone’s endgame really is.

Her features were sharp and pronouncedly Jewish.

The subjects of discussion had one theme — revolution, whether it be philosophy, Darwinism, the emancipation of women, Marx, Tolstoy, Russian agrarian communism, capitalistic development, Nihilist terrorism, Bakunin, Blanqy, methods of revolutionary struggle, demoralization of the Western bourgeoisie, Bismark’s fall, German social democracy, the emancipation of Poland, Emile Zola.. Luxemburg positioned herself in the thick of political battles, invariably advocating Marxism.

Max Beer, who traced the history of the movement in “Fifty Years of International Socialism,” said about Luxemburg, who he called the Jewess:

Hey, they’re making a big deal of it, not me.

Her wide learning, intellectual and artistic culture, her eloquence and sparkling wit, made her one of the great figures of the Socialist International. She won the admiration of men [persons] of action, like James and Lenin, and of artists such as Hugo Wolf.. Her method of dialect was strongly influenced by Marx. She regarded history as a process. In the process class-forces struggled for their own interests as they evolved out of a given economic situation.. For Luxemburg,

Charisma gets you far.

She seems to have been in it for her own amusement.
Encouraging women to leave their husbands is a bit far though.

One response to “Rosa Luxemburg, cultural marxist?

  1. Look up Olympe Gouges. She wrote the female version of ‘The Rights of Man and Citizen’, and got beheaded. She was French. Many proto-feminists happened to be French.

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