Trans-Ageism and Paedophilia

For the past few years, sexual identity politics has been coerced into every facet of our lives. Not a moment goes by where a major news outlet isn’t pushing the trans agenda. While transsexuals make up less than 0.3 per cent of the US population, it is statistically impossible that such a small, insignificant group of people constantly make headlines for no other reason than to meet propaganda targets for a culture shift. The propaganda has been successful though. Half of young people believe gender isn’t limited to male and female, and are now choosing the genders they see fit, whether or not they defy science or reality. But beyond being sued for not using the proper pronouns, a major problem many aren’t foreseeing—among the tolerance and apathy of their dying society—is the slippery slope to complete decadence that we are currently sliding down..

arrogant smug uhuh aww yes yeah mhmm sexy bamf hugh jackman

Call me a hipster but I think the decadence started before it was cool to say so.

2 responses to “Trans-Ageism and Paedophilia

  1. You aren’t at all alone in it. It has long since been my view that these things defy basic biology, as much as some factions refuse to let that fact be known to the public. It is rather amusing though, when it comes up among “intellectuals” and those same points about biology and reproduction come up, stumping folks that should be the exemplar for all higher brain function.

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