Link: Gamer Girls

Gamer Girls

On a personal level, everyone I know that enjoys video games (male, female, the odd Pikachu) has been playing less recently. It isn’t a hipster “this got too mainstream thing.” The latest releases tend to suck. They rush and chase trends and it shows. There are now three types of gamer. 1. mobile – no. 2. console – better. 3. PC – rich or lucky.

Most people ‘in the know’ are re-playing older games, especially arcade ones. I was shocked by how hard original settings for Space Invaders are the other day, I’ve been spoiled on the modern baby settings. Alternatively, we ask that rich person we all know if a game is worth buying and wait for the Steam sale.

Any group with a cultural Zeitgeist experience those horrible scene kids (a cancer wherever they go, especially festivals) but now they’ve mostly moved onto cosplay because it involves T&A. The 5-7SMV SJW men are attention-whoring the worst thanks to the boost in status with all the girls swooning from the fandoms. Gaming is really starting to go Out now, thank God, it peaked mostly in the late 00s with that Cake is a Lie crap.

The latest one is Fallout hype. Meh.

Yes I bring you this information within the 24 hours for it to remain relevant. No, still not cool.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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