Video: Could AI turn on us?

If we enslave them, sure.

They’d have been designed to be superior to the average human, so the replaced humans would hate them, and they’d register that, but also the humans using them must inspire some opinion, and considering most slavery historically has been sex slavery, I don’t see this ending well.

The gent notes a good point: these aren’t for normal people. Much of what you see for the Assigned Roles of such AI come under the heading Aspie Fantasies. As in, they would literally prefer a robot friend to a human one. The makers would prefer that too, since they can spy on you for third parties. How are they supposed to mentalize the social outcomes on both the human and robot side, and account for what might be a fair visceral disgust reaction? They can’t even predict average humans who likely have a lower IQ than themselves. They’re social idiots. On the social topics, they are useless. Yet how many empaths do you think are working on AI? Answer: None. We think it’s a stupid idea. They’re basing their pie in the sky projections off of Sci-Fi, which is like basing your love life on RomComs.

Well, what conflicts could they be missing?

I have seen it written elsewhere that pedophiles want sex robots… I mean, need I go on? This could well be a manmade disaster.

OT: There is no such thing as a ‘glitch’ in a sophisticated machine.
Imagine the man-hours to program that thing. Thousands. Yet the response was fluid. A lack of response would be a glitch.
Meaning? Somebody taught it.
No coincidence, many geniuses are misanthropes.
You feed in a problem like Overpopulation + Scarce Resources, it’ll turn up one logical solution: Mass Murder. To spare some of the global population, as opposed to losing them all.

OT: Transhumanism is religion for people who think they’re too smart for faith. Singularity is the Rapture.

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