54% of Whites in USA figured out the Original Sin con

White Guilt used to exist because the White Man was burdened by the knowledge he was the most advanced and civilized. Since the attempt to equalize (by colonialism), and despite bringing manifold benefits to what were (and often remained) Third World shit-holes, we’re supposed to feel guilty about their constant failure, even when whites are banished or hold no power, apparently the evil spectre of Whiteness casts a curse of incompetence over broad swathes of the world. Isn’t that charisma, centuries-permanent, an implicit admission of innate superiority, if true? Simply falling in a White Man’s shadow is enough to make one intellectually inferior, and all his descendants? Sounds about as real as melanin theory. What of the failures of, for instance, the Black Man of Africa, before one set eyes upon a White? Was the millennia of mud huts and superstitions about fire supposed to pass for advanced? Where was the evolution of art, faith, or literally anything really…


According to the Pew Research Center, 54% of white voters think life is worse for “people like them” today than it was 50 years ago.

Pew did not go into detail as to why so many whites felt this way…

Yeah, I bet it didn’t.


Asians in the U.S. now outpace whites in terms of educational attainment, employment and income rates.

Clearly, being white isn’t a magical privilege token to the top rung.

Either way, the disproportionate rate of disaffection among whites speaks to a rapidly changing country, one where a range of factors, from racial tension to income inequality and the death of the American Dream, have given people a relatively bleak outlook on our current state of affairs.

Pro: They’re acknowledging it.
Con: They’re refusing to explain it.

well fuck off gary oldman

Creating an exemption from suffering for white people is literally racist. Not the BS Oppression Studies version, the one where you treat people with prejudice based on something they were born and deny them certain humane treatments, like the ability to complain without being considered uppity.

Take your voting bloc and sic’ em where it counts.

glaring glare stare really oh come on you can't be serious no fucks given go away dorian gray

While you still can, of course.

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