Immigrant data finally being released before Brexit Vote

But how truthful will it be?

In December, civil servants at HMRC controversially refused to reveal how many of the NI numbers – which are needed to pay tax or claim benefits – were active by arguing it could undermine the Prime Minister’s EU membership renegotiation.

Amid growing outcry from Tory eurosceptics, HMRC’s chief executive Lin Homer has now agreed to pass on the statistics to ONS who will publish an analysis of the information on May 26. The data will also be made available to the public.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said the figures could boost the Out campaign and argued that keeping them hidden during the referendum would have been “scandalous”.

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

Not Rotherham? Because all the factory workers I know still talk about it. Manual laborers have memories like elephants and being old-fashioned in their attitude to women (protective), they’re fuming quietly.

Cameron, tone-deaf as ever, said of the dead-heat this is becoming;

“I mean I can’t see what the issue is.”

Wow. Just wow.
That’s such a rabbity thing to say. Wolves don’t exist, right? There’s no problem or danger, everything is fine….

The question is, why did it take all this to get them to agree to reveal anything?
If it were good they’d be announcing it by fanfare.


“Specific information about the number of EU migrants paying tax and claiming benefits in the UK will be published in the run-up to June’s EU referendum.”

Either they’re taking your jobs or taking the money.
This is gonna be a bloodbath. (But they aren’t releasing non-EU? Keeping it as low as plausibly possible.)

shrug lol toldyaso fuck you bateman

ALL immigration data is needed to assess things like Impact on NHS, economy and housing demands. …Retirement, alternate means of support (dependents), maternity care… the list goes on and on, seriously.

As these comments point out

But this is only a fraction of ‘immigrants’

– how many from Africa, Pakistan, India ?
– how many illegal immigrants that get caught (and stay anyway)?
– how many illegal immigrants that don’t get caught?
– how many asylum seekers?
– how many ‘students’ that never study and certainly never leave?
– how many Syrians?
– how many non-EU from Turkey, Albania, Ukraine?
Add this lot to the EU total and no wonder every high street looks like an invasion. The Tories have carried on what Labour started, and it;s getting worse.
Britain’s population is 80/85 million. Tesco’s research on food staples.

Last week I emailed the Office of National Statistics (ONS) regarding EU migrant NINO statistics asking what timescales could be expected for data collection and release of the figures. Here’s the relevant part of the reply from Penni McClure at the ONS:

“If and when we receive the data we will begin our analysis and quality assurance of what we receive with a view to incorporating it into our report in due course. We do not have any further detail on timescales and availability to add at this time.”
So my advice is … don’t hold your breath…
Food consumption is the gold-standard metric.

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