Video: The Hitler speech nobody is allowed to discuss

I always found it funny how we saw 10 second clips of Hitler’s speeches in German at school but were never allowed to read the translations.

Literally, not once. We’ve all seen the same angry German stereotype clip a hundred times, but does anyone know what he was talking about? Is that not propaganda?

He could’ve been discussing MLP fanfic and we’d be none the wiser.

“As part of this steady and growing campaign of hate and incitement…” The SJWs literally use the rhetoric of Hitler.

6 responses to “Video: The Hitler speech nobody is allowed to discuss

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  2. Meine Stiefmutter war Hauptmann der Schutzstaffel, und diese Frau haßte Nazis und Nazismus. When she graduated Heidelberg in the 30s, she was made to marry who the party wanted, and they had to accept same-sex partners in the tradition of Sparta. Watch the Pink Swastika on YouTube. I have yet to hear anything that Tante didn’t discuss at impromptu political discussions after too many glasses of homebrew. One comment I hope to never forget was “Warum wählst du diese abscheulichen Demokraten? Sie sind alle Schwuchteln und gierigen Schmutz.” Niio.

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