What caused promiscuity culture (and sluts)?

Contrary to evidence, I saw a poseur Alt Righter describe Votes for Women (actually Universal Suffrage, poor men benefited far more, look it up) as ‘The grandest mistake of Western civilization’. Boys have no excuse to be drama queens. In fact, this is a manosphere myth, blaming women for indulging as major hypocrites themselves. Otherwise, the Sexual Revolution wouldn’t have taken 50 whole fucking years after the Vote  was granted (TWO whole generations) to happen. Pun very much intended.

Actually, I can pinpoint the exact date the grandest mistake in the Occident was made, and this is easier to do with Americans (the 21st century Sodom, able to lecture nobody without eliciting a titter of disdain), since most of my readers are American…


Either fornication (premarital sex is a neutral non-judgemental feminist term, like extramarital) is a social ill or a social good. I think we all know enough of history to ascertain correctly. In which case, it is just as bad for men as it is women, and if you want to sleep around before marriage, go to a brothel. However, if you indulge, you don’t get to complain about others with the same vice. Especially when you live in and talk up the most degenerate society to have ever existed. At least no 18th century French women made a global spectacle of their arsecheeks.

Sleeping around ruins the future ability to pair bond. There is neurological evidence and this applies to both sexes because the differences between men and women are biologically lacking (I vaguely remember hearing it’s over 85% the same). This research on broken pair bonding ability and other issues with early starters can literally fill books, but the MSM isn’t allowed to report on it because the companies selling sex would lose billions. You’ll never see the manosphere address this brain damage because they are intellectually dishonest. They want to portray men as blameless saints who cause no damage, to themselves or women they intentionally ruin. They will never assess divorce risk in male sluts, even though the data is publicly available and I have invited this. Why not prove me wrong? Naturally, I could go over the data myself, but then I’d be called biased in reporting it, or accused of fiddling the figures, merely because I am female. Well, can the man who did the female divorce risk study  be ignored too, on that premise? But I know that’s what would happen so I challenge any who claim such specious vacuous things without proof, as Men can sleep around as much as they want and it doesn’t make them a worse marriage prospect, to please prove it?

The SP himself admits in the comments ” The 2002 NSFG does have data on men, and yes, the more promiscuous the man, the higher the risk of divorce.” The trend applies to both sexes, quibbling over degree is deliberately obscuring the point.

We need more studies and more data. Happily, overwhelm me with good studies, please. But I don’t want men to suffer the same psychological lifelong ruin all the present data suggests.



This means that generally, the sexes aren’t different enough for it to be important. However, there are specific cases where the differences come to the fore and those are uncommon. It’s a minority issue. There’s a real issue with idiots claiming 1 discrete finding (like the OMG!!!IQ studies) is world-changing. Calm down. Replicate it with a better method and maybe…?

In answer to the question posed in the title: later age of marriage.
Of course, those valiant keyboard alphas decrying Western degenerate sexual permissiveness would never wish for the solution to be implemented (a change in social standard where marriage comes first). They’re as bad as male feminists in their two-faced faux concern.

4 responses to “What caused promiscuity culture (and sluts)?

  1. Hold on, if men and women’s brains aren’t different at all, how does that explain the other research that says there’s ample difference? Something’s not adding up here.

  2. Promiscuity leads to the downfall of society & death of the institution of marriage. Nuff said. So far, your post here is THE only one I’ve seen so far that touches on the bad effects of MALE promiscuity. Most articles I come across talk about how slutty women are, etc while not giving a peep about men sluts or justifying them as “Men are hardwired to be polygamous, blah blah”

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