Who is responsible for the creation of a child?

Literally both the parents. No, literally, legally that should be it. Open/Shut. You make them, you pay for them. Not your family, not the State, there is nobody to blame but the two parties contributing DNA. If you’re ‘mature’ enough to be having sex, you’ve accepted the responsibility of parenthood.
Naturally, the problem and burden of carrying/raising is on women, but we have child support to accommodate that biological reality.

Trump’s retarded comments (trying to absolve men for the responsibility of their actions as adults, the same paucity of agency found in feminists) have caused this ricochet of blame shifting. Biology is pretty clear on this topic. If you see male and female as a sexual binary, you can understand this concept of two gametes fusing.


First comment: correct. The welfare state stupidly attempted to replace them (enabling those scum).
Second comment: correct. But if he wanted that right, why didn’t he marry the mother?
I would be 100% fine with desertion laws on both sides (we used to call that a marriage though, I guess breach of promise would come in). It would certainly make people think twice before knocking boots with someone emotionally abusive or other. Exception: psychopaths, who can drop the mask once a ring is on the finger (hence the divorce exception for abuse and infidelity, a form of spousal abuse).

Exception to all comments: rape and reproductive abuse (basically, rape). There are terrible people who try to trap others to get sexual access, inheritances, social status etc.

As I posted in the abortion article (that was very popular), if you consent to sex, you consent to the purpose of sex, however low the “risk” (quote marks because conception and pregnancy are natural, not diseases).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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