White Guilt rebrands as Norway Syndrome

And shuffles one step closer to naming the beast of Pathological Altruism.


This anecdote is tricky, and no less worthy of sympathy alongside your just desserts of Schadenfreude. A genuine victim presents itself and we should be ashamed.

I do wish people would stop making fun of him, it’s flogging a dead horse. Or at least, dead eyes. Look at those things. Damn. 

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

Where was I?

Oh yes, can this part of the internet grow the conscience we’ve been acting as if we possess? If we’re such stellar examples of moral fibre, might it not be wise to lead by demonstration?

I don’t care for rape humour on an individual level but I expected better of the sycophants who reflexively pull the Male Rape card whenever the subject comes up. Where’s their sympathy? I had tried to explain this would happen either last year or the one prior. This won’t be the last male victim of Middle Eastern rape culture. What if this is a coping mechanism? We can’t well undo it without first seeking to understand. If we can deprogram this one, tactically, there may be hope for the others. Think logistics, people.

2 responses to “White Guilt rebrands as Norway Syndrome

    • I would say rape and murder are something no one really ‘deserves’ and should always be treated as terrible. On the other hand, we may mock him for keeping with his religion despite proof that his God is Dead.

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