Links: Everybody is racist and incitements to genocide

Linkspam incoming. More rabbits than Watership Down.

Everybody is racist, rejoice! The SJWs have nothing to hang over us right? (Although this explains their rhetorical bizarrely-secular Original Sin argument). Social justice is secular holiness.
Excellent, we can all stop using the word since it means nothing.

“My friend and I didn’t challenge his ‘facts’, but once he left, we reflected that racism could strike even in the most seemingly liberal of spaces.”

Holding all brown people to no human standard compared with whites and expecting them to act like animals; thieving, raping and murdering, isn’t racist? In light of later evidence in this very article, it’s hilarious to pretend he could challenge the facts.

“The researchers measured increased ACC activity in the brains of those viewing painful expressions on the faces
belonging to their own race, but decreased ACC activity when viewing pain in another race, uncovering a racially biased difference in empathetic response to pain in the brain.”

Biology is racist? Wouldn’t that make it… evolved? Biological paradigm, I know, it hurts the head of liberal arts major, but what was the subtitle of Origin of the Species again?

“These results were disturbing [DS: what a scientist], but were they truly due to race alone? Isn’t race just another group that people tend to rally around?”

Nope, dope. Ask forensic anthropologists. They could tell what race you were hundreds of thousands of years from now, dumbo.

“This study suggests that being on a team of people who share your beliefs doesn’t trump the effect of racial bias, at least as measured in the brain by fMRI.”

All the evidence points one way but they continue to swim the opposite. These people are not scientists. Who follow the evidence.

we bury it deep in the subconscious in layers of denial to protect our social reputation. We might explicitly deny our internal reactions, but implicitly we follow their whispered mandates right down the line.”

Why do they keep using this possession metaphor? With racism as the Devil?
It’s like the witch trials, denial as proof. These people are deranged. Where’s the null hypothesis?
Social suppression is a byproduct of political suppression. People don’t want to ruin their lives over having the wrong
opinion for their time and place, because the so-called liberals don’t really follow Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, that says freedom of opinion is a right. An actual right, not a free stuff goody bag of positive claims.

“At least in this study, black people seem to be more equitable in their evaluation of others’ pain, acting in a more race-neutral manner when unconsciously primed.”

I can explain that. Outsider status. Lower social status. They feel more intensely negative affect. She must know this, but she’s clearly trying to skew it as if black people are superior? Das racism.

“As a black woman…”

Oh here we go. Why am I not surprised she hasn’t seen any of this from a neutral standpoint?

“These stereotypes can be so pervasive that even black people can be affected, showing less empathy for each other that they do for white people.”

correction ohuhno idiots
Logic has gone on vacation because these people are insufferable idiots.

“The effects can be so pervasive they aren’t limited to adults, and not even to the brain.”

Sociologist’s fallacy from people who aren’t even sociologists. If you can’t measure it, that doesn’t make it environmental. It makes it measurement error.
Already they want to go in with the brainwashing/social engineering because teachers know better than evolution, right? What could possibly go wrong? It isn’t as if Education majors have practically retarded IQs compared to peers.

“it’s important for us when we think about ways to increase empathy”

See the way they try to rally group support, based on a personal opinion? A baseless one at that? Why should you change it? What arrogance to think you must tamper with evolutionary constructs, how can you know better? Empathy is earned from a sincere connection.
It’s almost as if these people don’t feel true empathy, but an intellectual sympathy compared to the self, like a narcissist. That would explain the socialist cheating in studies, they feel entitled to get one over on the group while mouthing platitudes about unity. Behaviour>Stated Beliefs

‘mortality salience’ points to a selection pressure and natural selection aversion in avoiding death for the insane sake of being nice. Who cares what they think of you, if you’re dead? (And your whole tribe, they forget that. Even chimps are racist -to the outgroup tribes- and commit violent genocide with war, good luck pinning this on ‘culture’.)
How many nice apex predators do you see on the planet…? Might as well search for the Dodo. These people are ill-adapted for any culture not as easy as our present one.

The final paragraph slays me.
“All this means that the average police officer has quite a lot to deal with in terms of preventing racially biased
actions.” No. Their job is law enforcement. Nothing else matters. They are not state entities enforcing state mind control. Nobody has that job. Teachers need to teach the objective curriculum and pass tests, not control their pupil’s opinions and home life (that they have a right to, privacy, according to Article 8). Quit overstepping. Jobsworths like this are tyrants in waiting. Communists called them useful idiots, because they always believed that eventually, they’d be trusted with the reins of power if only they kissed up enough.
As you’d expect from someone with such a low IQ (she can’t use basic logic and fallacies elude her notice), her advice is insipid and irrational. She said earlier that making friends with other races has no effect on the brain’s response set and also self-awareness would kill the evil ghost of racism, when the only conscious control was top-down suppression and overcompensation – that isn’t a natural reaction and cannot replace the instinct for self-preservation. Little known fact: instincts always re-surge, and violently, if we believe history. If the West is so terrible to black people, it’s a wonder all the African Americans (really just Africans, Magic Dirt only works on Dracula) haven’t moved back to their homeland… Ironically, in making out White People to be the problem, even in places they don’t exist or live, they are engaged in their own form of scientific racism, purporting that whites are somehow inferior (culturally, socially, morally).
Obviously. They made it, they own it. Cultural appropriation is one of those rare things SJWs got completely correct. Make your own, cultural welfare (symbolic theft) is wrong.
While it is technically cultural apartheid, there is flagrant disrespect in taking and using symbols and objects and
ideas (non-scientific) that are not one’s own, especially without careful handling and when such things are mocked or perverted (an insult in need of reply).

“Instead of decolonising museums, the new practices echo and reinforce a racial discourse. [DS: whose fault is that?] They present an idea of culture as fixed and immutable – something people own by virtue of biological ancestry. This racial view of the world should trouble us.”

That’s literally the only reason we have a diversity of cultures TO display. These people are never happy.

“It also follows, according to the logic of identity museum practice, that those outside the culture cannot truly understand it because they’ve never experienced it. It’s an approach that creates barriers between people. And also between people and artefacts. It advances the idea that cultures are separate and irreconcilable.”

A special kind of stupid.

“But handing over the right to narrate history to those with the approved ethnicity is not the way that knowledge works.”

Cultural symbols, subjective, not knowledge. They belong to those who created them and imbued them with meaning, like a sigil.

“There must be universal access. [DS; citation? reason?] That is how questions can be explored, and old forms of authority challenged.”

SJW Entryism at its finest. Let them in. Let them destroy you from the inside. We tried to warn you. Cultural Marxism doesn’t care. It is a prion disease – self-perpetuating to destruction by way of madness.

“It creates an idealised version of the past – one that never accounts for itself, because it cannot be questioned.”

They want to rewrite the past, trust these people…

“all kinds of information about past indigenous people, particularly religion, is now deemed ‘culturally sensitive’ and unsuitable for public discussion in these museums”

– because they’ll be disgraced as ‘racist’ and have funding withdrawn for going into the gory details of savagery and
depravity of raping babies to cure disease and eating them because they’re too dumb to grow crops and live in the desert knowing crops can’t grow but expecting them to, magically. Hell, Brit Druids used to sacrifice people for a good harvest, everyone has skeletons. Who wants to hear their ancestor was a monster?

Yet more genocide. Ask: Do these people really have the child’s best interests at heart? Knowing the Romanian Orphanage Studies, etc? Knowing the psychiatric problems caused by separation and proven conclusively? Rabbits thrive when their competition suffers, remember that.
Article 2(e)

“Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
As covered here:
Incitement to this (and other) genocide is a crime, per se. Round ’em up, boys. Round. ‘Em. Up.

  • “Third, the superficial connection between colour and culture would be severed. Racism would be wiped out. Racial ghettos would disappear; children of all races would live in all neighbourhoods.”

The delusion is strong. ….Based on WHAT? Sky fairies? Wood nymphs? WHAT.

“genetic chauvinism”

This term again.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

I feel it will be popping up a lot as HBD findings hit the MSM. The truth is bigoted, you know. Science is the tool of the Patriarchy because it exposes professional liars. Like, say, how distant twins have similar life outcomes and parenting has hardly any positive effect on the child (although there can be harm, obviously)? How identical twins raised by different parents (adopted by strangers) embody the phrase: blood will out, because genetics triumphs over local pressures? The Cinderella Effect, no? Nothing? No admission or twinge of guilt?
nb. Hence my coverage on the human rights violation and a slavery of our time: politely referred to as ‘forced adoption’. There are plenty of cases of care homes (child, special, elderly) abusing their charges coming out and more to come, I’m sure.

Btw, anyone interested by these topics:

I’ve heard good things about that course, it isn’t all saccharine ego stroking.

Onto a global topic.

Saving the world doesn’t work.
For those considering the genocide in MENA among others.

“Nearly 200 states signed on. Many scholars, activists and NGOs are guided by the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine. They point to the 2005 UN endorsement as evidence that it has become a norm that is global and enforceable.
Unfortunately, these lofty claims have no basis in reality. To begin with, R2P cannot be enforced.”

nb. Agenda 21 amusingly refers to native populations and the duty to protect them, pity it isn’t applied equally.

Postmodern law. Where genocide is good? You can’t outrun a gun.

It’s a con, like those Get Rich By Blogging people. It’s a diary. They’re adult men who keep an online diary.

Inattention and immorality
It’s about respect for elders and traditions, except present elder are Boomers, who have no traditions to pass on. That might be the problem.
‘an epidemic erosion of attention is a sure sign of an impending dark age’

The teachers don’t want to do their job and instill values like concentration (parents neither, but teachers are supposed to be trained and get paid for this).

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