Link: The sneaky r-type order of “We must”

It’s short and good so I shan’t quote.

Nick deserves the traffic, one of those.

Those people remind me of Evil!AI: We must kill the humans, so they cannot suffer any longer.
We must censor freedom, because freedom is dangerous.
We must stop the evil, by ….trumping…. it with greater evil… in the service of good. 


They really mean “You should….” but that would require a reason, which they don’t have.

I like looking at them, staring until they feel uncomfortable and saying with a tone at normal volume “MUST I?”… “MUST I?” and keep repeating until they back off.

One of the typical codes, like “anti-racist” being, in practice, “White hatred”. Or “White Male hatred.”
“Feminist” = “I have nothing to bring to this conversation but my cunt, and I’ll keep reminding you of it.” They try this on other women, btw. We aren’t exempt.

JUST WALK AWAY IT crowd leave go now run away

These people all thrive on attention. Never trust an activist. They’ve basically admitted they wanna lovebomb and manipulate you.
“Raising awareness” is code for “Getting the attention of normal people who don’t need a BS unsolvable cause to fill their vapid life, while we slowly suck the interesting things about them out as emotional vampires.”

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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