Real UK debt? At least £8.6 trillion.

  • “At the end of 2014-15, the real national debt stood at £8.6 trillion, over £320,000 for every single household in Britain
  • Since 2009-10, the debt has grown by £1 trillion, and now sits at around five times Britain’s GDP
  • The official national debt – the one quoted by the Chancellor in his budget – hugely understates taxpayer liabilities.
  • The real national debt is almost six times larger than the official national debt.”

Nothing to worry about then? My god, you couldn’t redpill Gen Y or Gen Z harder if you wanted, than what’s coming down the line. Boomers will avoid it, possibly the elder segment of Gen X.

facepalm leslie howardThe rest of us are doomed, my dear boy.

Meanwhile, the voices of reason (people who can use a calculator) are calling for tax cuts to stave off disaster. Literally. Chaos.
It would be equal, everyone would be treated exactly the same. It would be fair. No exceptions for rich people.

“It is time for Britain to make a vital choice. Our economy is stagnant, crippled by excessive public spending, a mismanaged and inefficient public sector, an extraordinarily complex and punitive tax system and a public mood that has become increasingly anti-capitalist.
There are two options. We can either decide to tweak the status quo – try and keep a lid on public spending, reform bits of the public sector and hope for the best. Or we can drastically change course: adopt an entirely new tax system fit for the 21st Century and establish the UK as a global trading hub, generating renewed prosperity for all those who live and work here.
We at the 2020 Tax Commission are firmly in this second camp: the old order is broken and needs radical reform. But we are also realists: our proposals, while far-reaching, are practical. They are within the realms of what a competent, ambitious and principled government could deliver over the next decade.”

In reality, a single income tax would collapse the welfare state (a single minor drop in amount has caused issues) and cause riots and terrorism. Why, you ask? The most recent census has proven that Muslims are disproportionately taking benefit checks and the money has only been flowing because the young stupid SJWs don’t realize they are the ‘rich’ being taxed, their future earnings, to be precise. We’ve already indebted ourselves to the future, there is nowhere else to go.

Double taxation is supposed to crush the People. Like the new tuition fee repayment model, which is actually a Graduate Tax (the people who wrote this into law got a Uni education for free).

The time to change the tax system isn’t when the economy has already collapsed. The production and potential would be long gone. It will be too late by the time the average voter pulls their head from their arse during another depression (we’ve already had recession) and sees how vital financial retention is to growth. Future growth, remember that?

Do the entitled mass of rabbits expect other-funded retirement? To own their own homes? To inherit?
When these people suffer from the policies they vote in, we need feel no guilt. We tried to warn them and they made
their bed.

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