Deport the White man from politics and see what happens

The surest way to ruin an idiot is to give them power. They can’t lead, they’re incompetent and they’ll fail.

Forgive me for disbelieving that Trump is Jesus (idolatry, no better a celebrity than a Kardashian whore) and the Savior of America. The American People need to save themselves and always have done. I find him quite timid considering the problems and he is too lax on subjects like guns. Typical rich kid, I don’t believe he’d fight to defend anything, he just wants attention and will say anything. It just so happens that playing Devil’s Advocate nowadays is anti-PC.
Not to mention, if he can’t commit to a marriage, how can he commit to a job of a few years? The Bible Belt will see this. He lacks constancy and he was born into a rich family. He has no moral authority to speak of marriage and religion when he lacks faith himself. All politicians are hypocrites, it’s a matter of degree, and trumpeting his Whiteness or manliness (being crass to random women is actually a mark of insecurity as a man, but whatever) is a sign you don’t have any sound policies to actually discuss (the way Hillary plays the woman card and Sanders the poor, like a fiddle).
I’m bored of Trump, he lowers himself to insults too often when he had the moral high ground. He dispenses ad hominem when he stutters and runs out of ideas (he isn’t classically smart) so he can’t object when people do it to him, he preferentially insults people instead of addressing the question at hand. He’s immature, and his wealth, the bubble of it, probably has something to do with that.
I’m more interested in whoever comes after. They might be a real Christian and actually support policies than a half-hearted maybe. I looked into him and various business ventures have failed disastrously, Trump resorts show what a braggart and over-promiser he is. They’re only falling for it because he’s 1. male, 2. White, 3. rich, 4. insulting feminists. Forgive me if I think the Saviour of America would be too classy to make period jokes. How is that not alienating voters? Most women are not feminists, if you look at the damn data.

Politicians ignore reality. Political correctness is Fantastical wrongness, a polite term for professional liars.
I think Trump might be ineffectual in office, he’s blagging his way in like a business pitch but I’m happy to see him stick to his guns.

“As things come unwound both at home and abroad, the White man won’t just be sitting back eating popcorn, laughing at the chaos of a world that doesn’t want him anymore. No, he will be directly affected. Instead, he will be cleaning his gun and coming to the conclusion that when you become a minority, then it may be time to give up on democracy.”

This is an interesting way for fence-sitting r-types to justice their cowardice, aside from White Knighting and the pedestal nonsense. What about protecting your home and family? There’s even more risk in a dangerous environment. Sure, watch the people who think they’re so great, try and fail, but don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater and abandon your own communities, especially if you dare call yourself a masculine man. Pajama boys come up with an excuse to do nothing, it’s a delta/gamma thing.

A little note on SJWs and the wrong side of history gambit.

SJWs fear death. They hope their bundle of lies will create a legacy and make their sad lives worthwhile. In fact, they will die and no one will listen to them. That is what they cannot stand. They won’t matter, narcissists can’t stand the idea they’ll be gone. They’ll be dead and the silly laws will be abolished e.g. the oxymoron of ‘gay marriage’. Bad laws are rendered null over time, disused or abolished. Instead of giving out marriage licenses, a Caliphate (going by demographics) will go back to the good old days and kill the gay people by chucking them off buildings or hanging them, in the First World. What good will an old SCOTUS decision do then? We ignore the laws of slavery, don’t we? If everyone ignores them, they don’t exist.

Tying it together;

Nobody can deny that Trump is just as much a narcissist as the average feminist. It still remains a bad thing. Narcissists lie. A lot. The Right should stop sucking up to him just because he’s said some pretty words – he has DONE nothing. Until he DOES something, quit the hero worship.

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