Sanders supporter bitten by reality

I’m more concerned the business owner doesn’t pay herself.

That’s, like, the first rule. You pay the most important workers first.

You can 3d print pizza, deliver it by robot. Why use humans?

5 responses to “Sanders supporter bitten by reality

  1. You can 3d print pizza, deliver it by robot. Why use humans?

    Robots are my business. I assure you that it is not as simple as you suggest… and to try it would be quite expensive.

    I can elaborate if necessary.

      • Dominos would have the money to try, a small shop not. But they cannot even get automated cars to work, so unless there is an isolated track, feeding very distinct, retrofitted dock bays, how do you think it would work? Drones? Too heavy a payload and dangerous.

        But building a pizza is worse. Robot companies can’t even get raw chicken handling systems to work well, how can they stock and build pizzas?

        I’m not saying its impossible, but it would cost a fortune. Same problem for almost all automation of menial jobs.

        Besides, I despise Dominos Pizza.

      • Small shops are constantly closing here. Franchises sometimes too. I do think it’s in the future these things could be cheaper, as wage demands increase, but you’re right in that now it’s a concept.

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