What if We are Wrong? Blue Pills soaked in Red #13

Uncomfortable reading, the way it should be.

One Irradiated Watson

Yellow_canary_-.294205516_stdWelcome to the glorious year of 2015.  Humanity has progressed so far in the past 200 years and especially the last 50.  So much of how we judge our progress has actually been thanks to government, but how much does that really matter to you?  Do you show up at a government building every day to receive your daily dose of fun?  Do you bring your life sized Uncle Sam doll with you to the movie theater?  Does the government raise your kids and give them lessons in morality and how to be a good citizen?  Despite our poverty of interaction with the government we recognize it as the great good that has pushed us forward past many of our issues and inequities.  There is still more to do but maybe it is time to reflect on our awkward, meandering, strange, benevolent beast we call government and observe all that…

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