How Not To Be The Creep That Chicks Don’t Dig

CH manages to completely ignore the findings of a scientific study because pick-up isn’t a scam, guys, and don’t you dare ever question the results, like how it only targets a niche of already-damaged goods. Don’t ask certain questions, like how normal, healthy women see the invasion of personal boundaries (proxemics) and non-consensual touching as a thing that makes you a Bad Person they avoid. Women aren’t allowed to have opinions on their own bodies, men are entitled to go around groping and touching whoever they want – unless they’re refugees, then it’s suddenly a sign of savagery. Implicitly, a desperate, horny stranger’s entitlement to a woman’s body is greater than her desire to be left the fuck alone like this is the First World (what human rights?)

TLDR: when rapefugees do it, it’s Eve Teasing and Taharrush.
When PUAs do it, and refuse to acknowledge the clear word No (making any sex coerced and hence rape), it’s fun and not abusive because hey, are you frigid or something? They only meant well, pushing for ‘sex’ whatever the woman’s opinion. But if a fat ugly feminist did the same thing to them, it’d be traumatic harassment and assault and evil. Because men ‘have standards’, but women can’t.

Cliff notes: stop acting creepy and touching people who don’t want to be touched. I don’t care who you are or what your motive is. Stop ignoring clear answers like No unless you want to be labelled a potential rapist, because you are not subtle and everyone knows what you’re doing and it isn’t innocent.

Chateau Heartiste

Girls, bless their holistic hearts, aren’t keen on detailing the reasons why this or that man is unsuitable as a lover. Instead of a sober assessment of a man’s characteristics, girls prefer to render their judgments in all-encompassing terms like “creep” or “weirdo” or “loser” or “nice guy”. Many subconscious mate value calculations operate in the female hindbrain that are consciously concatenated into swift and sure slanders of dismissal.

If a girl thinks you’re “creepy”, console yourself that her assessment doesn’t necessarily mean you are a creep. All it means is that you failed to exhibit those behaviors and traits that trigger her arousal instinct. But you should still take the smear as an opportunity to improve how you sell yourself to women. The alternative is meta-death.

With that in mind, here’s an illuminating study about the male tics and mannerisms that women think qualifies as “creepy”.

On the nature…

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