Impotent r-white rage and mass immigration

Bear with me on this.
I tried a thought experiment where I think like a rabbity r-type.

r-types hate K-types
r-types cannot fight K-types
the weakness of K-types is their women, who they need to breed successfully
feminism hasn’t really affected K-women and killed their maternal instinct
the value of a K-woman is her purity
the r-types won’t rape them themselves and can’t pick them up for cheap sex
the r-types’ media apologia for foreign criminals
foreign overpopulation and the chaos that causes
the number of rabid monsters those systems produce as nature and nurture fuse
there is a human rights angle to immigrate these people or sneak them in the borders
once they have legal representation, they’re pretty much staying
the appeals process goes on for years and prison sentences rarely result in deportation
most of the West leaves unchaperoned women unguarded most of the time
revenge attacks on the foreigners will be punished harsher than the original crime and ruin lives of those seeking justice
foreigners can play the Pity me criminology says I’m the ~real~ victim card
expert witnesses can be bribed to testify for their side
the death penalty doesn’t exist, making the number of retries infinite
they want to see their kinsmen suffer
they openly claim to love women
those women still refuse to give up what they want (sex)
they want to punish these women, who guard their sexuality with pride
they resent and brood and plot revenge as omegas
they enjoy ironic punishments, sarcastic, almost karmic-seeming to feed into the Secret King delta stuff, and they feel inferior to conservative white women, impotent sexually
they need to enable the foreign immigrant hordes into being their usual rapist/hostile selves
they forment and incite rage and anger at the host nation for being racist/other forms of Lefty evil
they can always throw their hands up in regret and cry “I tried to change them”
they can rentseek a career out of their own supposed failure
when their friends commit suicide they get to brag about it
increasing chaos will benefit them as losers by balancing the scales
others’ pain is the only thing that makes them happy
they cannot openly indulge this sadistic need
many K-families and hence, women, are rural originally
open borders mean no criminal checks for e.g. rape charges
the invaders can be deported once the crimes are complete, making it the Perfect Crime (treason)
they perversely enjoy their own suffering because of middle class guilt
Why wouldn’t they invite brown invaders to rape and ruin conservative women and mug/attack/kill the conservative men?
If the K-women gets pregnant, so much the better
conservative women consider abortion evil
What better way to make them pay for ignoring him, failed white man?

This destroys the future, the culture, provides entertainment, a job, external therapy for inner neurosis, something to talk about, something to lobby for, something to attack K-men over, opportunities for freebies, social kudos from your fellow damaged friends and a way to gather without recognising your impotence…

Higher numbers are required to reach the rural women. Miscegenation in the media has a rabbity explanation other than feelgood. They want to make the victims feel bad and keep it secret, worse, seek their attackers out socially.

The longer I stare into the abyss, it also stares into me.

This isn’t pathological altruism.

This is sociopathic/sadistic enabling of nationalist revenge.

They’re raping the White woman.
They aren’t cucking, in the age of DNA, they’re using someone else’s dick to do it.
Once this is over, nobody will blame or punish them. Nobody will arrest or seek revenge or deport them.

err what wut wtf scared rdj





and the women in this, they want to ruin the social competition. Like the Sexual Revolution again.
If there aren’t any pretty wifely women, I can’t feel like an ugly slut.
Not to mention it exorcises their long-dead, aborted maternal instinct when they aren’t nursing other animals.


9 responses to “Impotent r-white rage and mass immigration

  1. Seeing as Jon is close friends with traditionalist Muslims and Sikhs, you are kind of wrong. Not in that this isn’t what liberals intend, it may very well be what they intend. But in how it will play out.

    1: Generally, the women groped and raped were out late at night, drunk, unescorted, in tiny outfits… liberal university-age girls. Do you think they are K-selected? Do you think they were guarding their sexuality that night?

    2: Generally, those from patriarchal cultures respect fellow patriarchs. When they meet a man who is masculine and disciplined with a wife who is feminine and traditional, they “adopt” you as nearly one of their own and protect you from their angrier brothers and sisters. Do you think these people are at the most risk? Who do you think will most likely be executed for rape, the man who rapes the girl in 1, or the man who rapes the girl in 2?

    If r-selects are inviting migrants in to breed out the K-selects, they’re going about it wrong, as traditionalist, patriarchal migrants despise r-selects and defend K-selects.

    As a conservative woman who has held friendships and business partnerships with Saudi, Pakistani, Iraqi, Irani, Indian, etc women and whose husband works in a field dominated by Euro and Muslim young, traditional, healthy men, these people have been the nicest, most careful, most pleasant to me of any overall group. Whether or not I want to share my country with people who believe Sharia law should be instated does not change that under their ideal law I, as a conservative, married woman, would be safer than under ideal liberal law.

    I would actually say the true motivation is simpler: r-selects want more people, because more people = more reproductive opportunities. They think they can have sex with the K-selected, angrily traditionalist Muslims. And what’s happening now is that their ship of desire is crashing and burning.

    • It may be true that the women sexually assaulted were of the r-selected college culture, but remember that things right now are “under control” and they are going to get much worse, and today’s guarded, K-selected female might become easy prey tomorrow, as the weather warms, the warriors are dispatched to protect borders and the ghettos and enclaves start to rebel and rise.

      Another thing I’m disagreeing is that you are using your personal experience with muslims to judge the psychology of the millions and millions who came here in the last year. The two are not the same. Those with whom you and your husband work with are the onse who legally migrated from the barbaric lands of the middle east, tried to make a living in our domain with hard work and integrity. The ones who came here are those they fled from.

      The r-selected psychology does not want the Invasion because it opens up more reproductive opportunities, in fact, remember that it is mostly males who came and r-selected females cannot do anything with a variety of males since their reproductive system is occupied for 9 months. They want the Invasion because they want random and violent predation that does not select through fitness but through luck. That is their natural habitat, in that world they can succeed and thrive.

  2. Another miscalculation is that K-selected men won’t care about the consequences for revenge. I’m not worried about what that law is going to do to me when my daughter has been raped.

    We are built for that attrition. They are built for random attrition, not targeted. We are selected to avoid that targeted attrition.

    Let’s face it, the only reason cops solve any crimes is because criminals are stupid — and they fail to solve a lot of crimes still.

    • Most criminals that get caught are r-selected. K-selected are more white collar and involve international details, the local funding cannot recompense. I was talking once to a consultant for Scotland Yard and the thing that terrifies them the most is a plot. Many terrorists and other scum are haphazard and high time preference, and it’s been decades since we saw anything vaguely concerted like the IRA. The EU-suck up governments are terrified the people will turn on them and this makes them amenable to cultural shift, from which the political would follow. Left protesters don’t accomplish anything in this country because they wouldn’t fight for their beliefs, see the huge tuition fees protest and they raised it to spite them. Rotherham protests were cordoned and suppressed for this very reason, and white people are tallying the long list of reasons that will never end as the kebab numbers grow. Wrath of the Awakened Saxon, but we’ll be fourth or fifth in Europe to turn I think, because our PM is a gay cuck.

    • ”We are built for that attrition. They are built for random attrition, not targeted. We are selected to avoid that targeted attrition.”

      If there is a war against us. They will be using airstrikes and bunker buster bombs even if we try to hide. So that will not bode so well for the K.

      Such attacks do not select for quality.

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