The first challenger to sex positivity: Super-gonorrhea

Doctors have expressed “huge concern” that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men.

The new superbug prompted a national alert last year when it emerged in Leeds, as one of the main treatments had become useless against it.

Public Health England acknowledges measures to contain the outbreak have been of “limited success”.

Doctors fear the sexually transmitted infection, which can cause infertility, could soon become untreatable.

Terrible news for whores.

shrug lol toldyaso fuck you bateman

The rest of us are sitting pretty.
This whole thing is priceless.

Only 34 cases have been officially confirmed in laboratory testing, but this is likely to be the tip of the iceberg of an infection that can be symptomless.

The outbreak started in straight couples, but is now being seen in gay men too.

By straight they mean swingers.

“We’ve been worried it would spread to men who have sex with men,” Peter Greenhouse, a consultant in sexual health based in Bristol, told BBC News.

“The problem is [they] tend to spread infections a lot faster simply as they change partners more quickly.”

They are also more likely to have gonorrhoea in their throats. There further resistance is more likely to develop as antibiotics get to the throat in lower doses and the area is also teeming with other bacteria that can share the resistance to drugs.

Cock-tail effect?

The bacterium that causes gonorrhoea is extremely adept at shrugging off our best antibiotics.

So two drugs – azithromycin and ceftriaxone – are used in combination.

But now resistance to azithromycin is spreading, doctors fear it is only a matter of time before ceftriaxone fails too.

Oh noes.

England’s most senior doctor has already warned gonorrhoea is on the cusp of becoming untreatable.

And Dr Gwenda Hughes, the head of the sexually transmitted infections unit at Public Health England, said: “We cannot afford to be complacent.


“If strains of gonorrhoea emerge that are resistant to both azithromycin and ceftriaxone, treatment options would be limited as there is currently no new antibiotic available to treat the infection.”

Yeah, same with lots of diseases, few of which are transmitted by consensual choices.
You chose to take on the risk. Welcome to adulthood.

She is encouraging people to practise safe sex to minimise the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

I have sympathy for those who will have caught it from being cheated on, but the rest brought it on themselves. Notice how entitled they feel to treatments and R&D meds from taxpayer funding? Why should others fund your lifestyle? Why should I pay for your sex life? I wanna stay the hell out of your bedroom, like that slutty American tart instructed.

“Failure to respond appropriately will jeopardise our ability to treat gonorrhoea effectively and will lead to poorer health outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.”

Society? The promiscuous make up about 15% of the population.
The slutty people become infertile?
Isn’t this Nature’s sterilization process for bad parents?
How is this my problem?

But Mr Greenhouse warned that sexual health services were facing their “biggest restriction ever” due to funding cuts.

You wanted more people in the country, meaning you get a smaller slice of the pie (tax takings).

The emergence of a dangerous superbug was creating a “perfect storm scenario”, he said.

How. What. Why. Where. BS.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health has announced a new tool to help GPs cut the number of antibiotics they prescribe.

Omg. Punishing the rest of us, seriously?
That will kill people, they’re already under-prescribed for real diseases and over-prescribed for STDs, from political pressure. Where do you think the resistance (evolution) is coming from, this quickly and this suddenly? The bacteria swap genetic material when people bang uglies.
Promiscuity culture is killing people, wonderful….

Encourage the stupid it will make less of them

All our medical advancements are flying out the window because some people refuse to control themselves and prefer to behave like animals, on our dime.

It will allow practices to see how their antibiotic prescribing habits compare with other practices.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “I want to see antibiotics being prescribed only when necessary and hope this will be a new weapon to help GPs cut the numbers of antibiotics needlessly being given out.”

Let me guess, the sluts are necessary, little kids with strep throat will be told to deal.
Do they remember reading about what life was like before antibiotics? Infant mortality? Death in childbirth? Industrial workers picking things up from the factory floor?

The Bible warned about the connection between immorality and plagues.
We were warned.

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