Comics: The mixed messages of Cultural Marxism and the catch 22



All standards are gone, thanks to them. Source tumblr, obviously.

They will take things that are true, but natural, and exist for very good reasons, and dissemble them with utter lies to push their agenda. Including, and this is the reason I post, the consequences of problems they caused with their meddling.


  1. Rejection is a right and a fact of life. You must assume the answer to any offer, from a date to a contract, is No. You must respect a No as you would accept a Yes. You don’t need a reason to reject and vetting for sexual attractiveness is the entire point of dating as opposed to friendship. What goes unmentioned is how they approach you based on purely superficial reasons (see the post about Male Entitlement and Creepiness). Men are physically more dangerous and different rules of courting apply. Ugly men are desperate, and they failed to mention how women value looks as much as men because that makes women look bad apparently? Looking more like men is bad?
  2. We used to have this thing called chivalry reining the cads in. It meant other men punished the ones who didn’t treat ladies with respect and hurt those who threatened their safety. But if you want to be treated like a man – guess what, the cads are all yours. They assume you’re a slut because of this thing called the Sexual Revolution and due to the brainless advice to play hard to get by the actual sluts, they can’t tell the difference anymore until it’s already gone too far. Also, socially men are quite stupid and don’t know how to read us.


3. There was no opposite picture here because the person in the centre is presumed to be the centre of attention. Although men can tend to use women as arm candy, those women are choosing to be used, which makes them as stupid as him, thinking that impresses anyone. This isn’t the 60s, mixed sex groups are the norm now.
4. That’s a good point, but we side with the criminal before they’re proven guilty because they are presumed innocent. Once they are proven guilty, most people would shift their sympathy to the victim, except monsters who assume criminals don’t target people and therefore there is something the victim could have done to have prevented it. You should take precautions, but most women usually do. What then? Is there no end to the precautions? What about wrong place, wrong time? Why don’t we expect restraint from the criminal? A liberal legal system makes excuses for them, that’s why. When they’re in a gang and we should feel sorry for them because they grew up without a father, how does that excuse murder? We don’t ask men to take precautions because we expect they can defend themselves, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s still placing the blame on the victim. What if the criminal had a weapon, nobody can defend against that barehanded, this onus on the victim excuses the criminal but I don’t see any of you calling for harsher punishments?
5. Esteem problems are solved with a boost in attractiveness. Nobody is suggesting it would solve other issues although it makes good TV to pretend. There are makeover shows about men too. Modern people have little idea how to take care of themselves and it’s quite basic information. They’re a popular format because Cinderella.


6. Men are not animals always wanting or needing sex. Sexual prowess is not a measure of social success, the Sexual Revolution told you that and brainwashed you into thinking there’s something wrong with you if you’re a virgin or sleeping with one person (your spouse). That you’re ‘missing out’ on all the fun of heartbreak, pregnancy scares, STDs and broken pair bonding mechanisms ruining you for love.
7. And who are all those horny men supposed to be sleeping with? That’s right, the slutty females. If it’s bad for one (it is) it’s also bad for the other. The behaviour itself, promiscuity, is bad for society. The moral standards must be the same, to be fair and balanced. How can you expect men to control sexual urges, as you say, until exactly when you don’t want them to? How can you expect women to make themselves cheap whores for men who don’t even love them, against their will, due to cultural peer pressure from sluts like you?
8. Which clothes are cheap? Those are the clothes most people will wear. We aren’t made of money. How many tailors are left? Who sets the trends? Hollyweird. Make Hollywood grow a sense of modesty, censor the art accordingly, and people will be able to cover up more without feeling like an outcast.
9. Again Hollywood tropes. The butch one is seen as more competent in a work environment, wrongly, because among others, feminists said women have no value unless we strive to act and dress and think like men. That’s your propaganda. The girly one is an insult, how many women do you see wearing pink nowadays? A lot of it? Hardly ever. Why? People will make comments, feel justified in making remarks and mock you for being childish. Thanks to tropes of what is ‘girly’, and supposedly undesirable in an adult (a COLOUR, a damn COLOUR) by people like you. You’ve brainwashing people to read into it where pink = girl, aka bad at being a woman and over time, plain bad. Now when people see anyone wear pink, they think girly and immature.


10. Those are diseases, your point? Bulimia and anorexia, two sides of the same coin. Those are both abnormal and require medical treatment. It isn’t about caring, they’re ill. I wouldn’t expect sympathy or sense from you people.
11. Sexism is code for bitchiness now? Hell yeah, sexism is real! But aren’t you doing that right now, in this comic? And doesn’t that mean you disapprove of sluts, when they’re prettier than you? More feminine? When they wear pink? Hypocrites. When men say those things, there is no excuse either, they’re trash, but women should know better than to poison the well. There used to be reputation laws curtailing this slanderous gossip but guess who didn’t want it applied? Oh yes, the sluts, because they’d have no grounds to sue since it’s true so the common law backed off.
12. If they EARN it. If your behaviours merit disrespect, that should also be apportioned. You seem to believe that shame is a sin. Shame is a valuable human emotion intended to correct behaviour, same with guilt When you feel guilt, that is a good thing, that is your fault because you did those things, not the person who said ‘mean’ but true things to you. It’s called tough love, they’re helping you by pointing out how your reputation has already suffered, giving you the opportunity to fix it. Otherwise, you’ll be an outsider with no idea why and make comics like this.


13. It’s a cheap insult used by young boys because young boys don’t fancy girls yet and think they’re annoying. When adults use it, you have a point, it’s a tired label. Weakness isn’t the marker of women, it’s a character flaw, but feminism compares us on male metrics like physical strength knowing we’ll fail to grievance monger. As far as emotional strength, women are stronger, we have a higher pain tolerance and this is to be expected from the sex that gives birth. Considering men put us in this position, it’s a wonder we don’t blame them, meanwhile, the sexist ones call us evil because of Pandora’s box (the origin of the Eve temptation Bible story). I’m pretty sure if they had to give birth, they’d be using that experience as an excuse to call us evil. Simultaneously, they say we’re stupid and smart enough to deceive them, and people like you allow them to get away with it, never pointing out the contradiction.
14. Mentioned the virginity point at 6, there’s nothing wrong with staying the way you were born. That’s the default. No shame. Holding everyone to a promiscuity standard is toxic shaming of normal self-control, but you never mention that, huh?
15. Again, eating disorders prove a point about healthy people how? Both of them need sympathy and treatment, you monsters. You indulge them in saying they can be any size they want, feeding into their mental illness, even when it kills them.


16. They’ll probably grow out it, shouldn’t be encouraged (causes confusion and anguish) and what do you mean by girly interests? Isn’t that sexist? What if a boy plays nurse? Couldn’t he make a fine nurse one day? Damn, who’s the sexist now?
17. Men who dress like women are fine. I don’t care. Crossdressers are weird but okay. Women wear trousers for work (used to be factory work) which is fine. It’s a piece of fabric. What we object to is the claim that by the magical power of skirts and makeup, that they really¬†are women. That’s an insulting vision of the sex and we’re not a uniform. To become a woman, you have to earn it by growing up as a girl. You are the sex you are born. Science. Magical thinking doesn’t help their mental illness, again. Feeding into it makes them more likely to kill themselves.
18. You’re saying that, not us. You’re the ones ignoring abuse victims when they happen to be men and never calling for fair sentencing of female offenders, especially when they target boys. It’s like expecting them to take physical precautions or defend themselves, when if they did, the police wouldn’t believe the woman instigated.


19. Teenagers are stupid. They’re just words. When boys are growing up, a period of awkwardness is expected, they don’t pop out fully formed overnight. Teaching women class (and men too), the manners that existed before we were called equal, would go a long way to curbing that bullying and instead encouraging the sexes in their gender roles would give them something positive to aim for, something to look forward to. Women are unhappy since feminism stole our claim to femininity and I presume a similar finding would exist for men. Who says masculinity is toxic? Masculinity is a social good, as femininity, and anything bad for society e.g. promiscuity, doesn’t belong in those definitions.
20. Bullies use the words that work. Why not punish the bullies? Bring back the cane and they’ll shut up.
21. It’s shameful for any healthy adult to feign weakness. They’re capable of better and refuse out of ignorance or idleness.


22. That is stupid, but women allow these insults. We don’t ostracize men who use insults that expect women to act like men e.g. if you don’t sleep with him, you’re a bitch/cunt/frigid/prude, and this keeps them in circulation. Women need to maintain the verbal standards and men follow socially. Those last two used to be positive and women would happily label themselves and use them as compliments, until sluts set the standards out of envy and spite, but we have the power to change the meanings back. If women didn’t insult one another, what excuse would men have to use those words? Why don’t we expect ladylike behaviour of one another? Why aren’t there more insults about being male, you prick/dick/manwhore/douchebag/fuckboy?
23. You seem to believe sexism is defined as something you don’t like. No, I have defined sexism before, but it’s a prejudice against someone purely on the basis of their sex. Simply that. You don’t believe that men and women exist, yet you hold us to different standards? Right…
The PC standards of Cultural Marxism where race doesn’t exist but don’t you dare be racist, up is down and a man in a dress is a woman, have caused untold social damage. That’s on you. Things used to work before your social engineering came along. If you wanna keep your standards, the broken ones, fine, but you have no right to impose them on the rest of us like Little Hitlers.
24. Yes it does. That’s how language works? You call it derailing and changing the subject. Follow the money. How much money is spent on stereotypical women’s cancers compared to men’s? Are preventable male deaths not occurring? Are there disparities in sentencing for the same crime? Are children left with a sick mother because the blameless father is considered more of an abuse risk? Thusly, are individuals ignored over group stereotypes?

These confusing, ever-changing social narratives are deliberate, to distract you and keep you busy (in trying to keep up and conform) so you never have the time or energy to question them and dissect them and refuse them.
Should you refuse PC diktat, you are called a non-person and a bad person and your reputation is attacked.
The sexes are pitted against one another because this weakens us. The sexism and anger at the system is directed to the other and used to rentseek for political ends. This is exactly what they want.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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